Blogs Monger Rumors; All Hail Our Mainstream Media Saviors!

nyt-logoI know what you’ve been thinking: man, I’m tired of reading unfounded rumors reported as news. Yeah, me too. Really, I am. So let’s fix this. Let’s stop reading blogs—I mean, you know all they do is just post anything that comes into their heads, foundation or not—and stick to the venerable guardians of all truth, the mainstream media. They would never run a thinly-sourced story or publish rumors, and we know that every word they write is as from the mouth of God.

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Forrester Report: Here Come the Mobile & Social Media Ads!

OK, so we already know that online advertising spending in 2009 is likely to be lower than 2008, but where exactly will companies funnel their ad dollars?

According to Forrester, if you’re in the mobile marketing or paid social media space, the glass is either half-empty or half-full.

It’s a half-empty kind of world, if you consider that these two verticals are currently under-funded by companies of all sizes. It’s a half-full world, if you take the view that there’s plenty of growth left in these areas–and companies appear to be ready to invest in them over the next 12 months.

So, where does that leave email and search marketing? Are we close to topping out?

Internet Ad Revenues Drop 5%; A Road Bump or Road Kill?

While other advertising verticals saw recent declines in growth, it seemed as if internet advertising would continue to be invincible. Well, it looks like the kryptonite just caught up with our Superman.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers just released new U.S. quarterly numbers showing a 5% decline compared to the same period in 2008.

As the chart shows, this isn’t the first time that ad revenues have dropped–they did so in the same period last year–but it is the severest quarterly decline since 2001. The big question is, what’s next? Will spending continue its free fall, or will it, like last year, make a recovery over the course of the next 9 months?

Twitter’s Stone Takes a Swing at LaRussa Case

larussa-twitterIf you want to take Twitter to court don’t expect them to roll over and play dead. It has been widely reported in various outlets like the Chicago Sun-Times and the Atlanta Journal Constitution that Twitter settled with Tony LaRussa, St. Louis Cardinals manager, over a Twitter impersonation account dust up. According to these sources Twitter paid legal fees to LaRussa and was even giving money to a LaRussa favorite charity, the Animal Rescue Foundation. Case closed, right?

Not so fast, says none other than Twitter co-founder Biz Stone on the Twitter blog from a June 6th post entitled “Not Playing Ball”. As you can guess from the title Stone is not going to sit back and let the rumor mill take this one. If the word is out that Twitter will settle on suits for this kind of activity (suing for the ‘damage’ caused by impersonation accounts) it could open a flood of ambulance chasing legal shenanigans that could cripple a company like Twitter. Stone writes

Google Street View Gets Better Navigation

Google Street View has generated plenty of controversy with its actual photographs of street-level navigation. But tracing a trip to the coffee shop down the block in Street View took longer than actually walking there. The lag made actually navigating on Street View cumbersome at best—until now. Google announces a new, much faster way of navigating through Street View.

The faster navigation features a “pancake” mouseover position marker. Double click the frosted pane and you can move as far as the eye can see. The improvements also feature faster zoom on street-side buildings.

I could keep explaining this, but it’ll only take you 90 seconds to watch this video, and it’s way easier to understand:

Bing Waves as It Passes Yahoo Search in First Week?

bing-logo-2-jWhile it is really early in the Bing v. All Things Search battle there are claims that Bing has surged past Yahoo Search to claim the number 2 search spot (of course, that tiny dot on the horizon is Google which isn’t even bothered by this kind of stuff). TechCrunch and others are talking about how this is, at the very least, a promising start for the folks at Microsoft as they try to be the Google Slayer.

Data from monitoring service StatCounter suggests that Bing, Microsoft’s new search decision engine, has overtaken Yahoo Search as the number two search service in the U.S. and worldwide in large part thanks to stealing market share from leader Google.

OK so let’s list the possible reasons for this happening: