Social Media, Your Brand and Your Employees

mediabistrocircusIt looks like there may be a new hiring criteria in the future if Steve Rubel’s thoughts expressed at the Mediabistro Circus are on target and there is evidence that they are. reports that Rubel’s talk to this group centered on how brands are moving away from the company and more toward people who are the face of the company, i.e. social media front facers who speak on behalf their employer.

Branding is about people, not company names, according to Steve Rubel, Edelman Digital director of insights, Web PR veteran, and author of the Micro Persuasion blog

Some of the highlights include

  • E-mail losing its effectiveness – Press releases sent by e-mail are just part of the e-mail clutter that exists due to sheer volume received and the other outlets that people have like Twitter, texting, RSS etc., etc. He then asked

Mobile Marketing Bucks Trend with Predicted 26% Increase in ’09

mma-logoOk class. What’s the most important word in the title of this post? What’s that? I can’t hear you? The word is predicted. We then turn to our training in the world of market research and look at the source, which in this case is the Mobile Marketing Association, and then draw our conclusions. Please note that I am by no means saying that this study that MediaPost brings us isn’t correct. I hope it is. We need good news and if there is a segment of new media marketing that is poised to take off it’s mobile (well, at least we have been hearing that for the past few years so it has to happen at some point right?)

Pay for Hulu?

image45The aliens over at Hulu don’t just want to eat your brains—they also want to take your money, according to a Daily Finance story yesterday. New CEO Jonathan Miller said:

he envisions a future where at least some of the TV shows and movies on Hulu, the premium video site co-owned by News Corp., NBC Universal and Disney, are available only to subscribers.

Miller . . . prefaced his remark by noting that he won’t attend his first Hulu board meeting until Monday, so the scenario he foresees is merely his own speculation. But, he continued, “in my opinion the answer could be yes. I don’t see why over time that shouldn’t happen. I don’t think it’s on the agenda for Monday [but] it seems to me that over time that could be a logical thing.”

Social Media and Small Business Getting Acquainted Slowly

lemonadestandThere is evidence that small business is starting to see the value of social media for their operations. As it has been with search marketing it is likely that a majority adoption of the practice will take a considerable amount of time but it looks like the movement is underway, to a degree.

So why not announce that “Small Business is Using Social Media!”? Well, that would imply that there is widespread adoption of the discipline which, at this point in time, just isn’t true. A study conducted by Sage Software and AMI-Partners is covered over at eMarketer and while it’s interesting, it’s no coming out party for small business and social media across the board.

Twitter Up! Baseball Manager Goes to the Lawyer for Relief

larussaIt was only a matter of time before the lawyers jump on the Twitter Express. While might suspect that some big Hollywood celeb would be the one concerned with having their image “abducted” on Twitter it instead goes to a veteran Major League Baseball manager, Tony LaRussa of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Some of the coverage of this event portrays LaRussa as a guy with no sense of humor.

So what’s the fuss all about? Apparently the individual tweeting as Tony La Russa (@tonylarussa was removed after the lawsuit was filed) made statements that the real Tony didn’t appreciate. So he’s suing Twitter and the causes of action include trademark infringement, trademark dilution, cybersquatting, misappropriation of name and likeness, invasion of privacy, and intentional misrepresentation.

Is it Hip to Be Google Squared?

google-squaredWhile Bing’s busy launching its new decision engine and Wolfram Alpha tries to wow us with its computational prowess, Google has publicly launched Google Squared.

Previewed back in May, Google Squared is “an experimental search tool that collects facts from the web and presents them in an organized collection, similar to a spreadsheet.”

And to that, I say whoop-dee-doo. OK, maybe I’m missing something here, but can I ask a question? WHY?

Over at the Official Google Blog, we get the cute story about being able to compare roller coasters–and I know my wife will love the data for dog breeds and Hawaii–but do we really need this?

Here’s how it looks in practice:


Yahoo’s Bartz Continues Microsoft “Love / Hate Tour ’09”

yahoo-logoLast week Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz had plenty to say about what it would take for Microsoft and Yahoo to strike some kind of search deal. The exact phrasing was “boatloads of cash”. Oh and along the way she dropped a masterful “F you” to her interviewer, Kara Swisher, which you will find either entertaining or ridiculously over the top, depending on your point of view. At least she got a good laugh [edited to remove an error].

So now she is talking more about Microsoft at the Bank of America U.S. Technology Conference today. Her discussion is hot on the heels of the coming out party of Microsoft’s Bing search engine. So how do think she played it? Here are some tidbits