BuzzLogic’s New Advertising Dashboard Will Help You Find the Honey

If you’re the person responsible for helping your company target its ads in social media, you’ve not had a fun time of it lately, have you?

First we learn that you’re probably not going to have the same budget allocation in 2009, then we learn that only 16% of social media users will care about your ads anyway.

Aww, bless.

Well, we have some good news! BuzzLogic sees your tear-filled eyes, and is coming to the rescue with the launch of its Conversational Advertising Dashboard. The new dashboard ties into BuzzLogic’s Conversation Ad Targeting (CPM) Platform and will enable "advertisers to gain insight into and capitalize on the rich conversations that are occurring across the Web through targeted ad placements,” says Rob Crumpler, CEO.

Have You Claimed Your Free Google Local Listing? Yes, You!

If your business has a local footprint, you might want to head over to the Google Local Business Center. Google has quietly updated the interface used to add your business to Google Maps and its local search results.

The new interface incorporates more analytical data than before, and overall makes for a more simple and clean experience. Clearly Google is hoping the new UI will encourage more local businesses to add themselves to the matrix.

I set up a profile for the consulting side of Marketing Pilgrim, many moons ago, which means I can show you a snapshot of the new interface:

It’s not just eye candy, either. You’ll get info on how often your listing was viewed, how often someone engaged it, your top search queries, and more.

Google AdWords Editor Scores a 7.5.1 Out of 10

If you’re a Google AdWords Editor user, then you might have noticed a few new whistles and bells. If you’re not yet using Google’s desktop application, there’s even more reason to check it out.

Version 7.5.1 (for both Windows and Mac) includes the following upgrades:

  • CSV Import – If you make changes to your account in a spreadsheet or a custom application, you can now import your spreadsheet directly into AdWords Editor, then post your new or edited items.
  • Work with selected campaigns – Now you can just download the campaign (or campaigns) that you want to edit, leaving the rest of the account alone. You may also choose to download or update only active campaigns (or only paused campaigns).

iPhone Users are More In Tune with Mobile Ads

iphone-thumb.jpgThis information comes from eMarketer by way of ReadWriteWeb and it conjures up some thoughts about why the following is found to be true. iPhone users recall advertising seen on their smartphones better than those of other smartphone providers like RIM’s BlackBerry. This probably is not a shock to many but for marketers it poses the question of how now address a market based on device in addition to other demographic and psychographic markers.

The data below shows the whole picture


Win Copies of Chuck Hester’s “Linking In To Pay It Forward” Book

If you’re asking yourself “Who the heck is Chuck Hester?” then you’re clearly not doing much with your LinkedIn profile. If you were, you’d likely find yourself already one of Chuck’s connections–and benefited greatly from that relationship.

Chuck’s a “pay it forward” kind of guy, and that’s exactly the premise behind his new book Linking In To Pay It Forward. I’ll let Chuck explain the book’s concept:

This book is not a step-by-step guide on how to use LinkedIn or network. No, this is more of a “let’s sit down and talk” story. A way to help you realize the power of Linking in and Paying it Forward by showing you how I’ve made it happen. It is an exploration of how once I started asking “how can I be of service to you,” instead of wanting to know “what can you do for me,” when I connected with people on LinkedIn, the value proposition of social media changed for me – for the better.

Google to Take on Amazon in eBooks

1184809_six_booksGoogle’s been slowly edging its way into the book business for a good long while now. First Google Book Search, then a deal to show books still in copyright—and now they’re getting ready to take on Amazon in the eBook department.

If you’re at all into publishing (totally!), you know that BookExpo America ended yesterday. The book trade fair isn’t just a great place to work on your foreign rights deals—it’s also a good place for hinting at your potentially earth-shattering business moves. Like Google last week, according to the NYT:

In discussions with publishers at the annual BookExpo convention in New York over the weekend, Google signaled its intent to introduce a program by that would enable publishers to sell digital versions of their newest books direct to consumers through Google. The move would pit Google against, which is seeking to control the e-book market with the versions it sells for its Kindle reading device.

Major Yellow Page Publisher Files Chap 11

yellow-pagesTraditional marketing avenues continue to take punishment in ways never seen before. Of course, we all know about newspapers and the trouble they are having. Now, it’s time for another stalwart of traditional small and medium business advertising, the Yellow Pages, to take more of a beating.

Amidst news stories about Microsoft actually making search inroads and the “Tastes Great / Less Filling!” wars between Facebook and Twitter is the reality that the old guard is struggling to hold on. Late last week, R.H. Donnelly Corp., a major yellow pages publisher, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection so it can get out from under a $10 billion (that’s right, with a B) debt load. The Wall Street Journal reports