Second Round of SEM Scholarship Contest Entries Posted

We’ve just posted the second round of entries to our 4th Annual Search Engine Marketing Scholarship Contest. They are:

That’s all the entries for this year. Remember, the entries have 4 weeks from the date of publication to try and qualify as one of our five finalists.

I hope you’ll read the posts–you might even learn something new! ;-)

You Know You Work In Search When You…

By Chelsea Blacker

You know you work in search when you:

1. have more logins than you do pairs of socks.

2. friended Danny Sullivan before you met him.

3. don’t think you’re a Cuttlet.

4. typically have at least 3 different browsers open simultaneously.

5. have considered dating a college student/education professional to get links.

6. grocery shop and think “my average CPC is higher than that apple/steak/wine bottle.”

7. get really excited when your map overlay is light green in a 3rd world country.

8. look for house numbers 404 and 300 with the same enthusiasm as house 69.

9. receive grammatically incorrect emails form India offering to write you copy.

15 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started as an Internet Marketer

By Chris Tynski

For anyone who’s joined and had success in the Internet Marketing world, there are likely a great number of things you have learned over the years that allow you to be successful today.

This list is compiled from my own experience with Internet marketing,  it consists of the top 5 lessons I’ve learned in 3 areas of Internet Marketing that I believe are essential to success.

These areas include:

Mentality/Frame of Mind

Business Direction

and Marketing Technique.


1. Fake it till you make it.

When you start out with Internet Marketing, you WILL be overwhelmed.   The breadth and depth of this field is staggering, and it’s changing every day.  Don’t let this deter you. Trust that you will eventually “get it” , it will come together, and you will begin to see the big picture soon enough.

Why Iran, Perez Hilton, and The US Open relate to SEO

By Frankie Fredericks

“There is only now.”  Eckhart Tolle

A common problem for those who have already optimized their website, and have created a wide array of content across social media outlets and networks is how to fight the traffic stagnation that comes after the initial launch of your comprehensive search engine optimization and online marketing campaign.  The key to fighting this is as true in traditional marketing as it is in search engine optimization and management.  This key is relevancy.

Whether you are selling a product or service, promoting a mission, campaigning for a politician, or just pushing for internet PR, you must cater to the impeding change of focus from static content of websites to fresh content available on blogs and social networks.  Such things as Twitter Trends and blog search engine  In short, your content must be relevant to now, as in THIS MOMENT.

Game Changing Principles – Enabler SEO

By Paige Filler

Let me preface this post by saying: If you don’t take the time to read you will miss out on the massive prizes below. Really. And it’s easy to win, no skills required.

Woman holding money and passes
Read on…

An Experiment in Social Web

It is starting to feel like the 60s again with everyone ‘experimenting’ (on the web). So, I figure the time has come for a little experiment of my own…(I’m Paige by the way).

Paige Filler

Enabler SEO

So, what is “Enabler SEO”? Well, it is a term I made up especially for you (I am sure it has many other names), but nonetheless it’s a principle, so you are welcome to call it what you want. Here is how it goes:

9 SEO Tips for Attractive Search Engine Friendly Web Design

By Justin Briggs

SEO: time-intensive, ever changing, and highly misunderstood. Creating a website design that is appealing, while also search engine friendly, is one of the hardest parts about SEO web design.

If you’re a designer, are your designs really search friendly?

A lot of misconceptions about SEO still exist in the web design community and many designers, who have at least some knowledge, are often acting with outdated information. Once a designer understands the value of SEO, there is still the concern of how to keep a design attractive, while also being search friendly.

How to Write Hundreds of Unique Articles from One Article with MS Excel – Article Theme Versioning

By Asif Anwar

Article Theme Versioning, was chosen as the name for this strategy. Because, you make many unique articles by making version of a specific theme of an article. So, each version contain the same theme. With Article Theme Versioning, you can create hundreds of articles from just one seed article. It involves manual versioning, word spinning, and sentence shuffling. The problem with spinning softwares is that you have to stay on their mercy for quality. But, in Article Theme Versioning with MS Excel you have the total control of your contents.

Why do you need Article Theme Versioning?

  • Content was the King, but recently unique contents are the new King.