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OK, this is definitely nothing more than a rumor, but Google could be close to launching a real-time microblogging search engine.

Google Operating System spotted an unusual translation request at Google’s Transconsole site. What the heck is Transconsole?

You can volunteer to translate Google’s help information and search interface into your favorite language. By helping with our translation process you ensure that Google will be available in your language of choice more quickly and with a better interface than it would have otherwise.

So a recent translation request looked like this:

Now, it’s only a translation request by Google, but why would you need to translate "recent updates about QUERY" if you weren’t getting ready to launch a real time search engine?

  • Andy
    Whilst it is a positive move by Google (if it happens) I can’t help thinking that we have peaked with Twitter. My non web crazy friends just don’t get it and everyone of them who has started has gone back to facebook and/or email. I must admit that my tweets have dropped off considerably in the last month as well and I bet I am not alone.
    Will be interesting to see how much time and money Google invests in it…

    Mark Harrison’s last blog post..Credit card claim

  • @Mark – I think we need to look at the bigger picture. I suspect that Google will try and index more than just Twitter. As more services move to real-time updates, Google needs to do better at indexing that content.

  • It says that its a microblog search header for universal search. Which tells me that they are just expanding universal search to include microblogs. That doesn’t mean that its going to be “real time”. There is still some value in the out dated tweets that Google already indexes.

  • @Joe – I dunno, why both translating “recent updates” if it’s not actually (or close to) real-time?

  • @Andy, you of all people should know that Google’s definition of recent isn’t really, well, recent. *cough*…google alerts….*cough*

  • @Joe – I’m an eternal optimist! 😉

  • I doubt that this will make their results any better than they already are, unless they’re planning a whole categorical search based on things like Twitter, where it might come up like the News articles sections which appear for certain searches.