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Quick: stock up on nonperishables, call your loved ones home, gather them close. The world is coming to an end. First we told you the Twittersphere just ain’t what it used to be. Now, brace yourself for this one:

Twitter traffic month-on-month is flat—or maybe even declining.

I know. I’m sorry to break it to you this way; it’s such a shock. But I couldn’t prolong the agony. Hey, hey—sit down. Breathe into a paper bag. Put your head between your knees. We’ll make it through somehow.

But let’s face the sad facts: although Twitter is clearly the wave of the future, not everyone is as forward thinking as we are in embracing the latest, greatest way of doing . . . well, everything.

Look at the stats, if you dare: Quantcast, via John Batelle:

Perfect measures or not, one has to assume that they’re indicative of some trend. Is the public’s interest in telling what they’re doing now waning just like Oprah’s and Ashton Kutcher’s? Where will Internet marketers turn now?

  • Say it ain’t so! Just when Conan put together a funny bit on Twitter it’s going to become yesterday’s social media? Is there no justice?

    Well, actually there is and it will probably be along in the coming months so I think I’ll make it. Phew. Thanks for the heads up though. 😉

    Frank Reed’s last blog post..AdAge 150 Hands Out a Blog Smack Down

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  • Marco

    With so many new Twitter users dropping it after just trying it out, I’m not surprised. Right now there is a lot of buzz so many people are trying it, but it’s not for many people.

  • Everything that start as a good doing must be “down” after some time. Even facebook is going down when people understand that it boring…

  • I told you : Do something SOLID instead of twitting around

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  • It’s not really all that surprising really, everything has it’s ups and downs. Let’s see how it pans out for the next 6 months. That will give us the true trend.

    As far as where will internet marketers turn to next? Back to google most likely, or possibly back to what they were doing before (the successful ones anyway). I just don’t see all the marketers on twitter being all that successful.

    Darryl’s last blog post..Success And A Kirby Vacuum

  • No matter what you pick up, it’s just the next phase. Just like Facebook. Two years from now, we’ll probably all wonder how we ever got along without _______, and laugh at all the losers who still call Facebook home.

  • All the better to clear out the riff raff tweeting about nothing. I think the real recent growth is probably because of all the media hoopla and lots of folks just aren’t ready for nor do they need to use this type of social media.

    Chrissy’s last blog post..Is Twitter Really that Big – Yes it is!

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  • Has anyone done any research into seasonality with Twitter. It’s possible that in the summer months, maybe people are just spending less time tweeting than during the rest of the year. And let’s face it, with the stories about how few people actually stick with Twitter after signing up, it’s apparent that a lot of people just don’t have anything useful to use it for.

    Using Twitter for something other than “I’m drinking coffee right now” is key. There are tons of useful applications for Twitter for verticals ranging from cycling teams ( to social media experts (, to big media outlets like CNN, ESPN etc.

    A while ago, I stated that the keys to success with Twitter as with any other online communications are very simple: 1) be useful 2) be interesting 3) do not be uninteresting.

    You have to provide something of value (useful) with a unique voice (interesting). Creative. Contributions.

  • Bernard Langevin

    What if twitter was simply just boring? Entering the twittersphere right now is like getting in a room full of internet marketers only interested in promoting themselves and their own products. What’s in it for the people? I’ve personally given up on twitter right now, didn’t update my feed in a while.

  • I’m with Bernard on this one: Twitter is BOOOOORING.

  • I’ve also noticed the “Whale” a lot more, meaning that Twitter is becoming more and more overworked. I wonder how much the fact that it can’t handle the additional load factors into the decline. I expect that at least turns people off and makes them go somewhere else… I’m sure at minimum the stats reflect less traffic that would have happened had it not been overloaded.

    Another culprit might be all the “Twitter Tools” out there to help one connect to twitter via facebook, LinkedIn, smart phones and all the software being developed, downloaded, tested and reviewed…

    Or maybe it’s just getting old.

    Mark Peesel’s last blog post..WordPress upgrade to 2.8

  • I don’t see this as a issue….The growth for Twitter has always been above expectations…and it had to come down some day…and it’s nice that the down grade has come now.

    Now Twitter can gather some thoughts for the next push and has the opportunity to add more value to the product..

    Sourav’s last blog post..What Are Blogs Good For?

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