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What does this chart tell you?

OK, so it’s open to interpretation, but it tells me that we’re growing tired of our fragmented social media lives and, instead, we’re ever so quietly merging all of our social activities over to Facebook. Facebook has it all–messaging, photo sharing, videos–so it makes sense that the social network is apparently “pwning” those that only offer a piece of the pie.

Is it any surprise then that Facebook managed to achieve a staggering 8.54% growth in the past month alone? Even the astronomic growth of Twitter couldn’t match it–taping off to a sloth-like 1.47% growth.

If you like you social media like you like food–one place for sushi, another for steak–you might be surprised to learn that your peers are all heading to Golden Corral for its all-you-can-eat buffet!

  • This really doesn’t surprise me. I can see that MySpace didn’t even make the list. Facebook really does tie in every single social aspect their out their under one roof.

  • @Nick – I didn’t include MySpace, because you can argue that they’re the same type of destination as Facebook–a one-size fits all social network. 😉

  • My fragmented social networks come home to roost on FriendFeed, which is a long more flexible than Facebook. Facebook does have a much better way to play Scrabble with my mom, though.

  • Great post. I am rather new to social networking and I have been led to believe that Twitter is the best thing since candy. But after reading your post, I can see where it’s lacking and where Facebook takes up the slack. The chart is very interesting. Thanks.

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  • @Louis – yeah, the fact that Friendfeed exists seems to back up the notion that we crave the ability to keep all of our online activities in a central place.

    @Mike – welcome! Twitter is certainly valuable to many hardcore social networking types, but Facebook has the mass appeal, that’s for sure.

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  • I would have to argue that Myspace is a destination now where you can do everything just like Facebook. I know many people are switching back to myspace from facebook because of the large amount of older people getting on facebook combined with Facebook’s record of showing everything you do. Either way I think people will slowly stop using Twitter as now facebook and myspace allow you to do the same exact thing. Having profiles at each social network can become pretty time consuming.

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  • Facebook (and other social networking sites) are not only very entertaining tools, but they have become very powerful marketing tools. So popular has Facebook become that now businesses are setting up profiles on the social networking platform to advertise and market their services and products. Assuming that (some) percentage of your customer base uses Facebook already, it’s a new way to engage them and to encourage them to forward your company profile onto their friends (existing or new customers).

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  • good

  • Thanks for sharing this, Andy. While one cannot argue the “all you can eat” buffet qualities of Facebook, I would say that is also what makes something like Twitter more appealing (at least to me). Despite the sluggish Twitter growth by comparison, Twitter is by far a better resource for “what’s going on out there.” (if used correctly, of course). Ultimately, while Twitter is vastly more than “What are you doing?” behind the scenes, I think its value in terms of knowledge gathering and sharing surpasses Facebook.

    Exciting world we live in. Cheers!
    Benjamin R. Waymire
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  • Facebook love appears to be the focus of this article. MySpace should have been added. *I read your previous comment about why it wasn’t.

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  • Time to Say Goodbye to Fragmented Social Networks? I don’t think so.

  • Thank for the figures, Andy. I am not surprised that the Facebook network is growing tremendously. It has everything you can think of (that can be in a social network site). Practically everyone I know has an account, plus it’s great for marketing purposes. Not only can you keep track of the people in your network, but they can also help you broaden your network by telling their friends and helping you advertise/promote your business. I think it’s great.

    Twitter on the other hand, even if it’s behind by quitea number, is just as great because there’s more (in my opinion) social activity.

    Nate Holland’s last blog post..How to use the Social Network LinkedIn for Sales and Marketing

  • okay maybe now facebook tends to be very popular and used by everyone , but remember that even hotmail used to be like that back in time, so maybe things are not going to stay like that for so long

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