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If you’re asking yourself “Who the heck is Chuck Hester?” then you’re clearly not doing much with your LinkedIn profile. If you were, you’d likely find yourself already one of Chuck’s connections–and benefited greatly from that relationship.

Chuck’s a “pay it forward” kind of guy, and that’s exactly the premise behind his new book Linking In To Pay It Forward. I’ll let Chuck explain the book’s concept:

This book is not a step-by-step guide on how to use LinkedIn or network. No, this is more of a “let’s sit down and talk” story. A way to help you realize the power of Linking in and Paying it Forward by showing you how I’ve made it happen. It is an exploration of how once I started asking “how can I be of service to you,” instead of wanting to know “what can you do for me,” when I connected with people on LinkedIn, the value proposition of social media changed for me – for the better.

Intrigued? Want to win a copy?

How to enter this contest? Simply leave a comment below and we’ll randomly pick 3 winners (deadline for entry is 6pm ET this Tuesday).

That’s all you need to do! And, if you don’t win, you can grab a copy from your favorite bookstore or online.

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  • Looks like a good read! 🙂

    Tim L. Walker’s last blog post..Moonrise Over the Wreck Wins June 2009 PotM

  • Timely in light of this new survey on Twitter being more valuable than LinkedIn for business survey circulating today: . Perhaps the survey doesn’t account for the karma aspects Chuck discusses.

    Mark Hinkle’s last blog post..Linux Desktop Breaks 1.02% for Personal Computers

  • Wow – I just got the movie “Pay it forward” on Netflix and going to look at it today.

    Maybe this means I am supposed to get this book??:)

    And how can I be of service to you – that’s something that is being learned in this world and I am glad it is.

  • The lessons this books purports to teach can be applied to most things…if you are truly trying to accomplish something, you need to look below the surface to understand what drives the machine.

    Gordon Ryan’s last blog post..Photo of the Day – 05/23/09

  • This seems to be a good book to read. The lessons from the movie “Pay If Forward” are great and life-changing. It will be interesting to read how to apply similar lessons to social media.

    Elmer Boutin’s last blog post..Basic HTML For SEO – Part 4, Format That Text

  • I would love to get this book! BTW, I am very active on Linked In, yet I am not connected with Chuck Hester… so far. 🙂

    Nate @ Debt-free Scholar’s last blog post..May ‘09 Top Posts Winners

  • DR

    This seems pretty interesting!

  • DR

    This seems very interesting, I’d like to ready it

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  • Mark Barrett

    Hope I win! (and if I do, I hope it turns up unlike the prize I won last month!)

  • Hi there,

    I’ve never used LinkedIN before. However I’ve been reading a lot about it and found it to be an excellent source to connect to individuals and business contacts from around the world. I guess this book would be read good to have.

    Eddie Gear

    Eddie Gear’s last blog post..PerfectIt by Intelligent Editing : Product review

  • I’m still trying to get a handle on the pay it forward concept. What if someone needs something you can’t offer? Often, the best I can do is introduce them to someone who has the skills to provide. And I often find myself without even the time to do that properly. Still, looks like a good book.

    Allen Taylor’s last blog post..Neobux Update: How Missing Two Ad Viewing Days Cost Me $5,000

  • Sounds interesting — the “how can I be of service to you” has a “Raving Fans” sound to it. Great concepts so look forward to learning more.

  • I’m a lemming!

    Dan Perry’s last blog post..Sultans Run Golf, Jasper, Indiana

  • Jay Allen

    Sounds great

  • This may be the most interesting book you’ve posted so far. I’m intrigued, and would love the chance to read it!

  • I really have not been using Linked In to its full potential. Help me, Chuck, you’re my only hope!

    Adrienne Doss’s last blog post..The Poor Man’s Magnetic Content Tool

  • Hussein Ebied

    Paying it forwards with social media sounds intriguing. Can’t wait to read this book!

  • Ravi G

    I’ve had a number of chances to utilize the amazing power of networking though LinkedIn!! Eagerly looking forward to reading the book, and maximizing my LinkedIn experience.

  • Craig

    I am very interested in reading and recommending this book to others! Please PICK ME 🙂

  • Dorian

    Hope I get the free copy 🙂 This book sounds really interesting.

  • Thanks for all the great comments. If I can answer any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at

    If you don’t win, contact me and I’ll give you a special discount code worth 20 percent off the book!

    BTW, please send me a LinkedIn invite:

    And, as always, let me know how I can be of service to you!

    Stay well, stay connected, pay it forward,




  • Congrats to Tim, Eddie and Adrienne. Your books will be mailed to you shortly!

    For those who did not win, email me at for a special code for Marketing Pilgrim readers for a discount on the book when you order through my site:

    Stay well, stay connected, pay it forward,


    Chuck Hester’s last blog post..On famous people and doing it right?

  • Thanks for the book – arrived last week. 🙂 Took a quick skim through it, and it looks great! Going to head down to the beach or park some time this week and read it straight through. 😉

    Tim L. Walker’s last blog post..June 2009 Newsletter – Better Late Than Never