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It only took Yahoo 8 months to react to Google’s AdWords display ad builder thingymajig.

AdAge reports that Yahoo decided not to build its own ad builder technology, instead partnering with Seattle-based start-up AdReady. With Yahoo’s My Display Ads

…Advertisers can pick creative off the shelf from more than 800 display ad templates — including dancing cellphones, ads proclaiming "Amazing Values" or countdown clocks — or bring their own…Ads can be purchased on a cost-per-thousand impression basis or as part of a cost-per-click auction. The ad inventory fed into the system includes both Yahoo-owned and network properties through Yahoo’s Right Media exchange.

Yahoo clearly hopes that it can convince its search advertisers to make the jump over to display ads by making the process a lot easier. If it’s successful, Yahoo’s sitting on a lot of display ad inventory. Maybe it won’t need to worry about challenging Google in search, afterall. 😉

Interested in learning more? Head over to the Yahoo Search Marketing Blog.

  • I think yahoo will bring over a few more non-technically savvy marketers into the display ad technology with this release. Looking forward to seeing some results from early adopters.

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  • It’s interesting to compare Yahoo’s new offering with the most similar self-service display product already out there, AOL’s BidPlace SB (full disclosure: I work for this product). Both Yahoo and BidPlace SB allow advertisers to reach the majority of US Web visitors (SB’s reach is higher, at 91%). Both offer advanced targeting options and, within the next couple of weeks, both will offer the ability to build banners on-site. (BidPlace SB will offer both templates and the ability to build banners from scratch.)

    However, the similarities end when it comes to pricing. Here are the recommended CPC bids for the same targeting on both products:

    Run of Network, Geo = Florida
    Yahoo: $1.30
    BidPlace SB: $0.74

    Auto Content Channel
    Yahoo: $4.93
    BidPlace SB: $2.45

    I’m curious how Yahoo can justify charging 75-100% more than BidPlace SB for the same types of inventory and targeting? Especially when BidPlace SB offers a full budget guarantee to protect advertisers from over-billing for excess delivery, while Yahoo does not.