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yahoo-logoLast week Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz had plenty to say about what it would take for Microsoft and Yahoo to strike some kind of search deal. The exact phrasing was “boatloads of cash”. Oh and along the way she dropped a masterful “F you” to her interviewer, Kara Swisher, which you will find either entertaining or ridiculously over the top, depending on your point of view. At least she got a good laugh [edited to remove an error].

So now she is talking more about Microsoft at the Bank of America U.S. Technology Conference today. Her discussion is hot on the heels of the coming out party of Microsoft’s Bing search engine. So how do think she played it? Here are some tidbits

“Yahoo doesn’t have to do anything with Microsoft about anything,” she said. “Yahoo has a bright, bright future, probably cleaner and simpler without even thinking of any Microsoft connections. I personally think we’d be better off if we never heard the word Microsoft.”

OK. Score one for the “It doesn’t look like Yahoo and Microsoft will be doing business anytime soon” set.

As for Bing?

“They’re not going to get scale through Bing. They’re going to get some temporary interest,” she said. “It’s interesting but not over-the-top interesting,” she said. “People will keep the same habits.”

Do those habits include not using Yahoo as their search engine of choice as well? Yahoo has plenty of work ahead of it to be viewed in the light that Ms. Bartz sees it in her comments on the video. Moving forward, it will be good sport to see what and whom she leaves in her wake. If nothing else, it might be fun to see the next recipient of a public C-level f-bomb.