How Dilbert Views Sales People

Yesterday, we poked fun at ourselves–marketers. Today, we get to laugh at sales people. ;-)

Our thanks to Scott Adams for not sending us a “cease and desist.” So, do me a favor, go buy one of his excellent books. ;-)

Bingahoo Not a Slam Dunk for More Ad Dollars

MicrohooWe know that the ink from Steve Ballmer’s huge pen is barely dry on the documents that christen the new era (or error) of the online marketing industry but inquiring minds want to know whether the masses are on board. In this case, the masses are advertisers who are going to need to gather intelligence regarding the true potential impact of how they allocate search ad spend in the future. This new kid on the block is not even out of the ‘corporate offspring’ nursery unit and polls are taking place as to whether advertisers intend to spend more money with the Baby Micro-Yahooy. ClickZ offers its take

[Advertisers] When asked, in light of the outsourcing agreement, “will you increase your search spend with Microsoft/Yahoo?”, 63 percent said they would not. “No” votes were cast by 169 out of a total 267 respondents.

Wedding Video Helping Chris Brown Repair His Tattered Reputation

If you’ve not seen this awesome video, take the time now. I’ll meet you on the other side and explain why I’m embedding it on Marketing Pilgrim.

OK, so why is this relevant? Well, apparently, Chris Brown–the guy singing the song Forever–is seeing a major reputation boost from the success of this viral hit. Despite the song being over a year old, it’s jumped into the iTunes Top 10 and is helping the singer re-build a reputation that was marred by his assault on then girlfriend Rihanna.

In fact, as Techdirt points out, the video is more popular than the official apology video Brown posted to YouTube!

It goes to show that when you face a reputation crisis, two things can happen:

Will the Wall Street Journal Take a Real Shot at Social Media?

WSJ Online logoAs I like to do when a post involves some ‘creative thinking’ I am warning you on this one. TechCrunch is ‘reporting’ the Wall Street Journal’s possible attempt at creating a social community (WSJ Connnect) that could compete with the LinkedIn set. I realize that outside of the Microsoft-Yahoo nuptials there has been little to discuss in the online marketing space as of late. With that in mind, since the TechCrunch piece includes the following it seems that it has to be taken with a grain of salt.

WSJ Connect is still in the planning/conceptual stages, says one source, but there is “strong interest” to move the project forward. Importantly, it would leverage the WSJ brand but would be a separate property and unencumbered by the need for a paid subscription to the newspaper.

French Mapping Company Can’t Compete With Google, So Sues Instead

What if you had a pretty good thing going with your company? You had good market share, had decent revenues, and your software company was living high on the hog?

Then, then, Google has the audacity to enter the market and offer a completely free alternative. What would you do? You’d find a way to compete head-to-head and… sue Google, right?

That’s exactly the scenario playing out in France right now, according to TechSpot.

Citing unfair competition, Bottin Cartographies is demanding roughly $700,000 dollars in compensation. The heart of the matter is their web mapping services, which are made freely available to businesses around the world. While Google’s aim is to generate revenue through advertising, as it has always been, Bottin sees it as an attempt to stifle and swallow the market by undercutting any competitors.

The World According to Google

Finger WagI knew I should have done something to trademark a saying I use all the time with SMB owners and marketers that  “It’s a Google world and we’re just allowed to live in it.” Ad Age today echoes a similar sentiment in a headline about the fact that Google is not only a dominant player in the US but can be even more dominating around the world.

As we have noted recently, it’s not all of the world that has decided to bow at the feet of the search engine leader. China likes Google but nearly as much as Baidu. The chart below from comScore shows that if there is even a soft spot in the Google plot for world domination via search it is in some Asian countries. As for the rest of the planet well take a look.

How Dilbert Views Marketers

I’m a marketer. You’re a marketer. I think we can both see that there’s some truth in this Dilbert cartoon:

If you don’t see the funny side, you’ve probably not been in marketing long enough. ;-)