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All of us that have called for more “real-time” search results or better Twitter integration, should have done a better job of spelling out our needs.

Apparently Bing misread the memo.

In a move that appears to have more bark than bite, Bing has announced the integration of Twitter with its search results. Before you leap for joy, the announcement is a non-starter.

What we get is a few thousand Twitter profiles added to the Bing index. Search for “Andy Beal Twitter” or “@andybeal” and you’ll get a box at the top of your results that looks like this:

What you don’t get is Bing tapping into those tweets for its actual search results. Let’s take the text from the second tweet listed above and “Bing” it:


With just a few thousand high profile Twitter users included, and no honest-to-goodness real-time search, I feel kind of robbed. The next time Bing declares it’s “Bringing a Bit of Twitter to Bing,” I hope it bites off a larger chunk!

  • While I too might like real time Twitter results in Bing, it would need to be toggled to satisfy my needs to search as I see fit. But unless and until real time results covered all internet Tweets, it would seem to me to be yet another way for Microsoft to sell advertising by allowing only paid Tweets entry into the search results. Any bets on if that’s really what this is about?

  • @Scott – I highly doubt that will happen.

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  • What? Did you expect them to link to your glob of 140 characters or less?