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bing-logo1Compete has already weighed in on traffic to Microsoft’s new Bing for its first month. Now comScore is joining the big Bing parade: the new search engine has seen some traffic increases over Microsoft’s last month.

But before we strike up the band, comScore notes that the traffic increases aren’t much. In May, Microsoft garnered 8% of total Internet searches. In June, Bing got 8.4%, an increase of 0.4 percentage points. While that represents 5% growth, it’s probably not the kind of growth Microsoft was hoping for.

Of course, it’s early on in the game—with Microsoft still hitting hard on the advertising front, they still stand to grow their share.

And I know what you’re asking: if Bing is gaining, who’s losing? Well, it ain’t Google—they held steady at 65% share. Yahoo, on the other hand, dropped 0.5 percentage points from 20.1% in May to 19.6% in June. That constitutes a 2.5% decrease—and a greater decrease than Bing’s increase. So someone else out there is benefiting at least a little.

What do you think? Will Bing’s early blips launch it into long-term success, or is this just a flash in the pan? Can Yahoo reverse its fortunes, or is this part of a long decline?

  • Every competition will have a winner. But here, we need to compete fairly. There is always a process to become a number one. Sometimes if someone can get the number one position within a short term process, he or she will be also dropped easily.

  • I think Bing will get good numbers early because it is new and exciting and I want to test it out. But in the end I will go back to Google.

  • Great post Jordan! I feel that Bing is not gonna progress further as many users are just put off by the search engines layout, for example me, i go onto Bing to see how it is, whether the searches are more adequate but everytime i see myself leaving within a minute. I just don’t like it. People will see this in time and will revert back to Yahoo/Google as they are more organised and trustworthy. Thus, Bing will decrease and Yahoo will increase in the coming months, I feel.

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  • It will be really interesting to see how Bing comes out in the end. I don’t think they are really going to put too much of a dent into Google. That is a large advertising budget they have though.

  • Bing is really doing great but this is a sad news to Yahoo! This search engine is now facing a hard problem: competing with Google and now with Bing.

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  • I agree, bing will not make the race.

  • Although I personally also doubt the success of bing I wonder if one should not optize for bing nevertheless – just to be sure? Any takes on this?

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