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bing-logo1Just last week the earliest of the early reports claimed that Bing had made some impact in the search engine arms race. Those numbers were met with a fair amount of skepticism due to the timing etc. Now Mashable reports that has released US traffic stats that shows Bing is making some progress in more than just search.

So after a month, where are we? We knew that Bing was growing, but the numbers being released tonight tell a tale of success, as Bing is now the 13th most visited site on the web.

It doesn’t matter who you are or how down on Microsoft you can get that is not a bad start. Sure, much of the early success can be attributed to the $100 million in advertising etc but that’s why companies do those kinds of things, right? Microsoft must feel at least a little joy from seeing this kind of reaction out of the gate. After all, there were more than a handful of folks who felt that the whole Bing thing would be a ginormous fail but that appears to be just some of the usual Microsoft ‘nay saying’ at this point in time.

Bing Compete Numbers 709 4

So early on, and with the obvious benefit of a ton of Bing buzz, Bing had more US visitors in June than Digg, Twitter and CNN. We all need to take a deep breath though before we anoint Bing a true success.

Where will the search decision engine be in the 4th quarter as the online holiday shopping season progresses (or doesn’t since this year already looks like it might be a dud)? Will the professed strengths of Bing really make an impact thus influencing search behavior which then turns into market share gain against Google and Yahoo? Those are the better questions but for now we’ll let Microsoft have a restrained celebration for this good start.

  • Wow..G getting on MS’s cash cow with its own OS, MS getting on G’s cash cow with its B..2009-2010 is going to be heck a lot interesting…

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  • Well i thnk Bing has the the potential… especially coz of it excellent image and video search… no doubt big is here to say… but will it be able to out shine google? i am skeptical… but yeah Yahoo sure has a reason to worry.

  • If only we knew how much of that traffic came from dorks like us who were fiddling it trying to find ourselves. Bing will get some play being microsoft, just like Live did, but it’s not going to burst Google’s bubble.

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  • Bing’s stats are impresive but nothing unusual.. This may be just the curiosity of the users and the hype created by Microsoft which may lasts may be 2-3 months.. I am just waiting to see how Bing shapes in next 6 months..

    Krishna Santani’s last blog post..Google And Yahoo: Take Bing Seriously!

  • metamapper

    Bing is being set automatically as the search engine during these forced upgraded to IE 8. Anyone think of that? Might not be user choice at all!

  • Rodrigo
  • Jeremy Hansel O. Gonzal

    That is correct. In fact, i’m using IE6 here at work and I tried typing something on the address bar(not a specific address) and it automatically searched for what I typed using bing.

    Cheaters. Microsoft has always and will always play dirty.

  • Ken M.

    Does anyone know why Bing appears at the top of almost all Clusty searches? I wrote the Clusty folks, asking about this, but no response.

    Try it yourself:; enter a search term; and (usually) the first item on the list is a re-direct to Bing.


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  • Khurram

    Folks, we have been continously been hearing of Chrome O/S, I think its really a dumb idea: Have an O/S that boots into browser – so that all you can do wd ur netbook is to browse.

    Cmon guyz, we already have Ubuntu loaded on netbooks and its market share has shrunk from 47% to 4% – it still provides Firefox and users can browse all they want on it!

    Secondly, we can already do a lot more with our cell phones than mere browsing. Remember: Desktop computing is not gonna go away any time soon – Google is totally getting its thinking boxed into browser!

    As far as MSFT is concerned, it took them at least 10 years to nail search – and they still need to do a lot of work to get on top!

    Bottom line: Google cannot overtake Windows in short term – MSFT has done a good job with Bing, need to keep it up!

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