Posted July 23, 2009 3:36 pm by with 5 comments

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Facebook IconFacebook has milked the vanity URL deal for all its worth until this point so why not try to get a little more mileage out it, right? Over the past few months Facebook has been allowing individuals to choose their username but has put the rather strict caveat on the practice that it is a “one and done” proposition. In other words, when you make that fateful decision to make your vanity URL something that was something funny but not very practical you were stuck with it. Well, the mighty Facebook is showing its merciful side by allowing users to pick another username. Beware though, you only get one shot …… again.

ReadWriteWeb outlines the process for us

It appears that Facebook has quietly launched a new option in the settings area called “username” where you have the option to change your Facebook username. To find this option, go to “Settings” at the top-right of the Facebook page and then click on “Account Settings.” The second option from the top is “Username.” Press “Change” to enter in your new username and then click “Confirm” when you’re ready to set it.

Now remember that this is a one time only proposition. Why this is the case is a bit of a mystery but one that we mere mortals may never know the answer to.

So, the good news is that you can change any of the mistakes that you made regarding your vanity URL. The other good news is that it looks like the big Tin Man of social media, Facebook, went out and got a heart.

Some of the more entertaining usernames have been created either by prankster friends or someone possibly falling asleep at the keyboard. Since there are 250 million Facebook users I gotta think that there are rather ‘inventive’ names. Have you run across any?