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gooburner logoFeedBurner, an RSS management utility that was purchased by Google a few years ago, has long offered an RSS-to-email service. One of its major drawbacks, however, was that as an RSS publisher you could only set one subject line. So every email from your feed (generated and sent daily) had the same subject line.

The lowly likes of us regular bloggers complaining in the support forums didn’t have much of an effect. The only solution offered until now was logging in every day and manually changing the subject line to match your post—not fun.

But after Darren Rowse’s open letter to FeedBurner two weeks ago on ProBlogger, things are finally changing. Today, the Google AdSense for Feeds blogs announces that “Happiness is more subject in your subject line.” And it’s true!

Now the interface under Publicize > Email Subscriptions > Email Branding offers this “hot tip”:
gooburner custom subject line

Note the checkbox at the bottom: if you regularly have more than one post a day, the checkbox opens another menu with even more customization:
gooburner custom subject line mult

This subject line is only used if you have more than one item in your feed that day; otherwise, it reverts to the primary custom subject line.

What do you think? How fast will you be logging in to customize your subject line?


  • I already edited my subject line this morning after ProBlogger reported on the update. I am so glad Feedburner changed this!

    Nate @ Debt-free Scholar’s last blog post..5 Ways To Show Your Patriotism… Frugally

  • Great, Google is finally attempting to spiff up FeedBurner, yet they still lack in reliability, and additional features that could really benefit their audience. I’m still a fan of FeedBlitz, although it’s nice to see them finally starting to listen to their users 🙂

    Maria Reyes-McDavis’s last blog post..Facebook: Privacy, Regional Networks, and Transition Tools

  • Finally!

  • This is cool! Great work on Feedburner, Google!

    Jhelo Cruz’s last blog post..Cebu Dancing Inmates? Tribute to Michael Jackson

  • Yeah, I agree, feedburner is good, good work Google.

  • It is nice that Feedburner is finally doing that, but honestly do you think Darren Rowse and his letter had any thing to do with it? Sure he runs a successful blog but I don’t think he is that important. I am sure Google had plans for this far longer 2 weeks ago.

    John Tucker’s last blog post..Online Storage vs Online Backup

  • Actually, yeah, I do. With the number of times he just happens to write an open letter to Google about one of their products and within weeks that feature magically appears, I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Although as I mention above, people have been campaigning for this for years.

  • waaaw so cool
    because my readers used to get the name of my blog as title, which was very boring.
    and now I wouldn’t worry about that.
    thanks for the post.

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  • Ben

    Thanks! Just set it up today. Hopefully no one typos ${latestItemTitle} or their readers might get a subject line of:

    .-= Ben´s last blog ..Return of the Credit Card Telemarketers =-.