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Let’s face it, the news is going to be swamped with the MSFT/YHOO deal today. So, for some light-hearted relief, let’s have a caption contest. Here’s an official photo provided courtesy of Yahoo!/Microsoft:

Leave your caption in the comments below and the best one–as chosen by me tomorrow at 9am ET–will win a $25 Amazon gift card. Please keep them clean.

Here’s mine: “We’ll take care of search from here on out, you can keep the “goofy, over-sized pen” business.” šŸ˜‰

We have a winner!

I have to give kudos to all the Pilgrims that left a caption–you guys are funny! In the end, this one made me laugh the hardest:

ā€¦ā€¦.now you go to the end of the road and take a left by the starbucks, follow the road about 20m till you come to a crossroads. take a right and the job centre is the second building on the right hand side.

I do want to give an honorable mention to the following:

  • Now where in this contract does it say I get to “bing-a-hoo”? =)

  • “So, let me get this straight. If I sign here, I can yell ‘Yahoo’ any time I want?”

  • Hours later, Yahoo! sent out a press release stating that the pen was symbolic for the significance of this deal in relation to search. Immediately following the press release, Google files for a patent on the world’s largest highlighter.
    .-= Roger SikesĀ“s last blog ..Client logo block =-.

  • Brian Bille

    “Together again, Pinky and the Brain! Oh wait, that’s just Ballmer, so much for taking over the world.”

  • Blake Bowyer

    Never has a writing utensil more perfectly captured public reaction: overblown and laughable.

  • Yea! Now I can get rid of all those Tech geeks in the search department!

  • Bartz: “Steve your head looks like an ad for oIo.”

  • You know what they say about guys with BIG PENS don’t you?
    .-= pageoneresultsĀ“s last blog ..The Longest Tweet in History Myth – 250 Character SuperTweet =-.

  • “Let’s hope they don’t have children, they could never decide on a name and they’d dress them in funny colors”

  • We spent $80 million marketing this giant purple pen.

  • Yahoo! CEO giggles as Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer draws a mustache on Jerry Yang’s Photo in Yahoo! Yearbook.
    .-= steveplunkettĀ“s last blog ..Travel Spotlight : Pack your bags for a research adventure =-.

  • You see, if I draw a pair of glasses on my photo I look just like Mr. Magoo

  • AndrĆ© FerrĆ£o

    “Hmm … teaming up with Yahoo will be much harder than signing all these pages with this pen!”

  • “Oddly enough, Bartz’s profanity actually increases when she’s happy.”
    .-= jlbraatenĀ“s last blog ..The Top 8 Best Free Audio Podcast Downloads on the Web =-.

  • You guys rock! Keep them coming! šŸ˜€

  • Joe

    “Ten years? Shouldn’t we come up with some sort of prenuptial first? I’d also like to look into a hyphenated last name.”

  • My my. What a large hand and fingers and ::sighs:: pen!
    .-= Disa JohnsonĀ“s last blog ..Alt Text =-.

  • “I’m trying to hold it steady!”
    .-= Paul ForemanĀ“s last blog ..What do clouds do =-.

  • 1. When did they change the name to YahoOo! Oh wait… that’s Ballmers head.
    2. Why is Ballmer signing the table of contents?
    3. Ballmer, “My next stop, Disneyland! Do you think anyone will notice my ears are purple?”
    .-= Derrick WheelerĀ“s last blog ..Hello world! =-.

  • #2 – So does this mean I finally get to bingya? =)

  • Oh yeah, they come in all shapes and sizes at

  • Rob

    …….now you go to the end of the road and take a left by the starbucks, follow the road about 20m till you come to a crossroads. take a right and the job centre is the second building on the right hand side.

  • (Can’t believe I’m submitting this…)

    “Just the tip, Steve.”

  • Matthew

    Yahoo and Bing sign the deal on their partnership with Ann Summers.

  • Shepherd

    | |
    O |
    /i\ |
    ______|___ Y_ _’r_ F _r_d!

    “Is there an ‘A’?”
    “Noooooope, that’s a leg! Guess again!”

  • Matthew

    Steve Ballmer: Goss… I had hair when we started negotiations

  • Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz holds a printed version of her Facebook profile, Microsoft Steve Ballmer adds a wall post.
    Tomorrow: TechCrunch leaks Bartz facebook profile, selected wall posts only though.

  • Sean Riley

    That’s right Steven, you just need to make a little X right there.

  • Blues

    Bratz Thought bubble: I may actually get paid this month. Woot.
    Ballmer Thought bubble: Did they have to give me a pen as big as my ego?

  • Ahhh, Illusions of grander aren’t limited to just deals anymore…
    .-= TheBetsyĀ“s last blog ..Mad Men & The Liquid Betsy =-.

  • We should have just waited a month to do this so we could be the first to negotiate a contract on GoogleWave.
    .-= BagsĀ“s last blog ..Feeding The Need ā€“ The Basics of RSS Feeds =-.

  • “Yahoo…Never…Wins…at…Search” Oh Steve, your Mad Gabs are just F@#$%^ Hilarious!
    .-= Social Media CommandoĀ“s last blog ..Hey, I Know that Guy! =-.

  • Sam

    “Sure, I’ll sign your yearbook darling. Have a great summer! C/M!”
    .-= SamĀ“s last blog ..Sir,I have made my =-.

  • “6 across, Y something something something o. clue is: company that’s no longer happy being #2 in search”
    .-= Simon HeseltineĀ“s last blog ..T.O. Isn’t the Only Show You Should Fear in Fantasy Football Drafts =-.

  • “Let’s see, we bail your ass out, take over your search and get your first born. That ought to cover it.”

  • “Hey Carol, thanks for removing the provision about stage etiquette.”
    .-= MichaelĀ“s last blog ..MCrites: I have reached Inbox 0. =-.

  • “I’m sure glad I had those drinks this morning, Steve. It’s making losing our brand that much more tolerable.” Ballmer: “The pen choice says everything, darling.”

  • Yahoo sells search to Microsoft in exchange for Ballmer’s vow never to dance in public again.

  • “I got this pen from Adam & Eve.”
    .-= Dan LondonĀ“s last blog ..#XXMerge =-.

  • and this is what Sergey looks like with a mustache and eye patch…
    .-= Al ScillitaniĀ“s last blog ..Others Online Testing May Be Worthless =-.

  • Mike Hunt

    “Stop laughing at me, I tried Rogaine.”

  • Shepherd

    “jazz flute is for little fairy boys”

  • Rob

    “Damn, I wish we’d used some of the money we spent on this pen for a hard surface to put this book of empty papers on.”

  • Ballmer: “My favorite game’s always been BINGOO!”

  • No not “Ya Who?” – “Yahoo”….here, I’ll write it down
    .-= Paul ForemanĀ“s last blog ..What do clouds do =-.

  • Steve’s thinking…” I wish this deal was as big as this pen.”
    .-= Jaan KanellisĀ“s last blog ..Free SEO Answers, Advice, Trainingā€¦Whatever =-.

  • would you like fries with that?
    .-= Paul ForemanĀ“s last blog ..What do clouds do =-.

  • I bet he doesn’t realize he’s signing over all of his money to me. Yah, that’s right big boy…sign away!

  • Dean

    Sure, I’d love to sign your Farewell Card, Carol. It’s been nice knowing you.

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  • Steve: “Alright Carol! Best 2 out of 3!”

    | O |

    Carol: “haha Steve! You should Google ‘how to win at tic tac toe!'”
    .-= Shane EubanksĀ“s last blog ..How I Saved over $1,000 on Airfare with Twitter =-.

  • Kate

    Microsoft gives annual gift to employees: giant purple pen, used for signing documents and tapping little google staff on the head.

  • Bartz: Boatloads…..

    Ballmer: Google.Must.Die

    Bartz: Boatloads ……

    Ballmer: Destroy. Page. Brin. Destroy.

    Bartz: Boatloads ……..
    .-= Frank ReedĀ“s last blog ..Good Sales Help is VERY Hard to Find =-.

  • Eduardo Ibarra

    Ballmer: Now I get to run around on stage and yell at TWO company meetings a year!

  • How do you hold this thing? YaBing!

  • For a big deal we need a big pen!
    How many zeros can we write with it?
    .-= SandroĀ“s last blog ..Pausa produttiva =-.

  • Carol – Lastly sign the bottom line there
    Steve- this one?
    Carol – yes, the one that says you’re agreeing to the fact you’re just as desperate as we are
    .-= Dustin MaĀ“s last blog ..r34lRockNRolla: @mJIHAD! lol I don’t get out of martial arts till late, I will hit you up when I get out, I don’t want any kogi but i’ll wait in line with =-.

  • Big pen, no cattle.
    .-= David RodnitzkyĀ“s last blog ..Best Practices in Ad Text Creation (Part III of the Epic Eight Part Series!) =-.

  • Andrew

    Ballmer writes: One down, one to go……

    Bartz: HAHA down, same place my stock options are going!

  • The amount of red ink to get this deal done was carefully concealed so no one would be suspicious.

  • So, did you get that huge purple pen from yahoobing?

  • Free snowcones!!! Where do I sign?
    .-= Al ScillitaniĀ“s last blog ..Others Online Testing May Be Worthless =-.

  • BWarren

    “Of course you realize we’ll need to verify funds…”

  • Here is mine: “I have got for words for you: I bought this company! YEEEAAAHHH!”

  • ]

    [Google News] – AP- (SUNNYVALE) – Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz giggles uneasily as Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer writes,
    …”Developers, Developers, Developers..” on yet another page of her prospectus.

  • Thought Balloon #1 (Carol Bartz) – So this is what it feels like to make a deal with the Devil??
    Thought Balloon #2 (Steve Ballmer) – i bet this is Jerry’s pen, i am soo keeping this ______ pen!

  • How about GoogleCrusher??? Well I guess if thats not possible then how about MyHoo….!

  • “Thanks, Mr. Cheney for offering to sign my yearbook. You sure look different in person.”
    .-= arinickĀ“s last blog ..When search worlds collide =-.

  • Ha, Ha, Ha. You can’t sign Homer Simpson. Your name is Steve remember?
    .-= Linda WittigĀ“s last blog ..Twitter followers a must with Best Buy hire =-.

  • Lucy

    “All employees are required to use these pens? No wonder Google is crushing you.”

  • Quentin

    “When size (of the pen) doesn’t matter.”

  • Devin

    “Ok Steven I won’t watch, but sign here and press hard.” (Sucker…I used Google Maps to get here!)

  • “One small step for actually competing with Google, one giant leap for Microsoft taking over the world.”
    .-= LizaĀ“s last blog ..What SEO Companies Do – Basic Questions Answered =-.

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  • Can i vote for this one? šŸ˜€
    .-= EverfluxxĀ“s last blog ..The Yahoo! / Microsoft deal: winner and losers =-.

  • “umm, I don’t see the clause about the free coffee?”

  • Creative

    [Steve] – “[So, does this lady think I am hot or not? Maybe she just wants to know who the owner of the huge c@@k ring she wears on her wrist is] Er, yeah I was the guy who chanted that word over and over again.”

    [Her] – “[Oh dear, I bet he thinks that his manhood is something to write home about] Huh, wow, you were that guy, huh. Thatā€™s, er, cool. (Really, who the crap are you and why do you keep looking at my bracelet and then nodding at your crotch. F@@K, why the hell is he drawing a picture of me, him and three pigs li……..)

  • (I know the contest has ended)

    Worried that the merger might bring both companies down, Microsofts Ballmer practices his future job as a carnival sketch artist.
    .-= Rick GlaserĀ“s last blog ..A 301 and 404 Nightmare ā€“ Joomla SEF attacks! =-.

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