Posted July 16, 2009 3:16 pm by with 5 comments

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Google HealthGoogle is so much more than a search engine. There’s Google Apps. There’s Google Mobile. There’s Google Mail. There’s a Google for just about anything. Now with a new offering from Google Health that concept extends to your death wishes. No typo there. Google is trying to make checking out of this life as easy as using Google Checkout. Thanks guys!

At the Official Google blog they have announced that you can now upload scanned documents to your Google Health profile for safekeeping. That’s pretty handy it’ the next part that, while it is practical, it is also a little weird.

One of the most important documents you may want to store and share in Google Health is an “advance directive.” An advance directive allows you to determine your end-of-life wishes so that your family and doctor can honor them if you get sick and are unable to communicate. The decision to sign an advance directive is an important and personal one, and Google Health now makes it a little bit easier. Google Health is now working with a leading advance directive provider, Caring Connections, that provides a free, downloadable form customized for all 50 states. To complete your form, download it, print it out, complete it, scan it, and upload it to Google Health. Once you’ve uploaded the signed form, Google Health makes it easy to share it with your caregiver.

Gee, Google, it’s really cool that you are promoting services that help me at the end after you have helped while I was here. Is the natural progression of this Google Funeral? How about Google Plots? You could have a virtual grave site that will sit in a Google data center of your choice for the rest of time because we know Google will outlast us all. Would you trust a bing virtual exit?