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Introducing lGoogle (The L is for Lobbyist)

google-logoWe have talked on several occasions here at Marketing Pilgrim about Google’s Washington, DC connections. Some wonder if there is too much Google in the capitol while others just think it’s the normal course of big business. Either way you look at it there is no denying that Google is as much a part of the Beltway Bunch as Democrats and Republicans.

According to the Wall Street Journal Google spent $950,000 in the second quarter on lobbying efforts

The sum tops the $880,000 it spent in the first quarter and represents a 30% increase from the second quarter of 2008, when it spent $730,000.

While Google continues to raise its presence in Washington the money that they spend is still less than Microsoft ($1.9 million in Q2) and AT&T ($3.1 million in Q2).

The range of causes that Google is involved in ‘influencing’ include potential regulation related to online advertising, expanding Internet access and increasing the adoption of cloud-computing technologies. Also in the line of sight of Big G are green initiatives like renewable energy policies and firming up the electrical grid. Of course, the whole electrical grid thing is focused on the environment and not ensuring that Google and its users stay ‘energized’ to continue to make money for the search giant.

In the recent past, Google has placed so many Googlers in Washington, DC that one wonders if paying lobbyists to be there is overkill. I suppose you can never have enough feet on the street when it comes to influencing public policy to the benefit of Google all.


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