Posted July 30, 2009 10:17 am by with 11 comments

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I’m excited to announce a much sought after feature to Trackur’s social media monitoring dashboard: sentiment tagging.

I’m often asked why Trackur doesn’t offer the ability to automatically measure the sentiment (positive, negative, neutral) of any discovered item. I typically reply with two reasons.

a). Sentiment analysis combined with an $18 a month price point just don’t go together.

b). Automated sentiment analysis just doesn’t work well.

Well, you can cross the first one off your list as of today. We’ve just added sentiment tagging to all Trackur plans. It allows Trackur users to manually mark the sentiment of any discovered item, sort results by sentiment and–with Corporate plans and higher–export those results to a spreadsheet.

Here’s how it looks:

But wait, how is manual sentiment tagging "the most accurate in the world?" Easy! I stand by my statement that automated sentiment analysis doesn’t work well. Want proof? Take a look at the tools that do offer automated sentiment analysis. You’ll see that they typically allow you to override the automated selection. If it were accurate, why would you need to override it?

The absolute most accurate sentiment analysis in the world is done by you, the user. A computer might have a hard time correctly judging the sentiment of "My Apple iPhone is wicked bad!" but humans don’t!

So, to recap. You can now mark the sentiment of any item discovered by Trackur, view results by said sentiment, and export those results to a spreadsheet and share them with your coworkers or clients!

The best news? We’re keeping the starting price at just $18 a month! And, even our all-singing, all-dancing Agency plan costs thousands less than comparable offerings by other companies.

Now’s the perfect time to take the Trackur 60-second challenge, don’t you think? 😉