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Tweety BirdThere are rumors out there. There are rumors of rumors of how people are using Twitter to drive awareness and new business. What has started to happen though is that the rumors tend to stick with the same names like Dell, who attributes some $3 mil plus in revenue to its Twitter presence and Comcast which has turned its customer service upside down and inside out with great success. What we need is more evidence for those that are still unconvinced that Twitter has any real application beyond sharing the inane like when someone has looked out the window and “Tawt Tay Taw a Puddy – Tat” (hat tip to Tweety Bird from Bugs Bunny, the original Tweet).

Here’s some fresh new success hot off the presses. ClickZ tells the story of Moonfruit, which is a DIY web site creation service celebrating 10 years in the business. First off, congratulations, now back to the other stuff. As a way to get others involved in the fun Moonfruit has put together a promotion in which they will give away 10 Macbooks.

Although the concept of a Twitter promotion isn’t a new one, Moonfruit founder Wendy White said even she had been surprised by its success. The promotion drove a 600 percent uplift in traffic to the site, and doubled the number of users signing up for trials of its services since the Wednesday launch.

“The response has been beyond belief, far more effective than other marketing channels,” said White. “We wanted to drive both brand awareness and direct response, but this has achieved both in a far more personal way,” she added.

The article tells about some other social media pieces that were woven into this promotion. All in all it looks like a very nice job of getting the word out. And the response has been tremendous. The Moonfruit promotion has garnered good press (like this post) and even was at the top of the trending searches for Twitter ahead of Michael Jackson and Wimbledon.

So we now know of another success story. There are more out there. There is little publicity around them right now, though. We told you about Naked Pizza a while back and there’s the rolling taco stand in LA that uses Twitter to drum up business. Tell us the success stories you have heard. Please don’t relegate success to number of followers either. The only way Twitter makes any sense to a business is bottom line measurable results. Just like anything else in the world of business if can’t be measured it can’t be improved.