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You’re looking at Twitter’s new homepage design.

Nice, huh?

What I don’t get is how this helps you to understand how to use Twitter. That was the goal that cofounder Biz Stone stated, right?

Instead of landing on Twitter and thinking, “oh, it’s a place where I share updates about my life,” it now suggests “oh, it’s a place where I can search for stuff…isn’t that what Google’s for?”

There’s been a lot of talk about Twitter’s “real time” search being a challenger to Google, so perhaps this is an intentional change of focus. Still, I can’t help wonder if Twitter’s moved too far “off topic” with this design.

What do you think of it?

UPDATE: Biz Stone explains some background behind the new homepage. This paragraph seems to be the crux of the decision:

Defining a “tweet” for the uninitiated and explaining how to create an account doesn’t resonate with everyone. “Why would I want to do that?” is a common reaction. However, demonstrating the power of Twitter as a discovery engine for what is happening right now through our Search and Trends often awakens a sense of wonder which inevitably leads to a much more compelling question, “How do I get involved?”

So, Twitter brings us, not a search engine, but a “discovery engine.” Great, we’ll add that to the list. 😉

  • I am certainly loving the new Twitter interface. I am a huge fan of twitter and I love hanging out on it. Glad they made these cool nice changes. Way to go Tweeple! 🙂

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  • I love the new homepage of Twitter. It is really well-designed and it gives a very slick look. Everything is also shifted upwards and the green sign-up button is something first-time visitors will not miss.

    Great job!

    – Cheow

  • If you land on the new landing page (NOT being a Twitter user already) I think the new design will led to search rather then signing up. But that might be the point – Twitter is for listing rather than talking 🙂
    .-= Klaus Hall´s last blog ..Official Google Blog: Google accounts on Twitter =-.

  • I completely agree with Biz Stone! Re-designing the main Twitter landing page enables Twitter to change their biggest (new user) FAQ “Why should I do that?” into “How do I get involved?”.
    The display of the trending topics (for now, today and this week) is brilliant because anyone (even non-twitterers :)) can see exactly what is popular and by selecting any of the displayed topics, quickly access the latest tweets from across the world. Brilliant.
    Basically, all that happened was the merge of the old twitter landing page and the old twitter search ( into a “new and improved” Twitter main page and the more detailed display of trending topics.

    Search engines, decision engines, and now discovery engines. list will soon be endless…. 🙂
    .-= Franco Badenhorst´s last blog ..xFranco: RT @VVouter Scary Stuff: Living, Breeding Mice grown from skin cells. =-.

  • Mr Schmidt should be taking note, Bing is gaining ground.. now Twitter and it’s “discovery engine” plus a multitude of others jumping on the bandwagon.

    In other words the industry is no longer worried about openly challenging google.. why?

    If they think like i do, it’s because google has become stale and invasive to it’s users, and now in a desperate attempt not to just maintain its financial income but gain more, is turning into an oversized giant with fingers in too many pies, that is dictating to, rather than interacting with and responding to its core users. In other words it’s getting too big for it’s boots, greedy and a bit mouthy all at the same time.

  • as much as I’m not the biggest fan of twitter, I think twitter is just bringing its marketing focus up to speed with its usership. Given how it was used in Tehran and other worldwide events, they’re approach only makes since.

    It’s become a participatory search engine.
    .-= livemercial ‘in´s last blog ..livemercial – SoftWalk – Pitch It to the Pros Response Expo ’09 =-.

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