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yahoo-logoWith their Q2 results out—and better than expected—Yahoo seems to think they’re now in a prime position to review their holdings. In their portfolio, and on the chopping block: HotJobs and Yahoo Small Business. But Yahoo may also be looking to invest, most likely in Xoopit.

According to Reuters, Yahoo may be looking to divest itself of HotJobs, a job search website, as well as the division over Hot Jobs, Yahoo Small Business. YSB covers Yahoo! Domains, Yahoo! Web Hosting, Yahoo! Merchant Solutions, Yahoo! Business Email, and Yahoo! Store, which could net the company a big bonus. Yahoo has been looking to sell for 2-3 months in an effort to focus on its core business.

Meanwhile, Yahoo is rumored to be in the final stages of acquiring Xoopit for around $20M:

sources said it was a done deal to buy the San Francisco-based social email start-up that finds photos, video, links and other files in email so that users can surface and then share them on many sites. It also has other products that essentially enliven email. . . .

According to sources, Yahoo was first impressed with its innovative plug-in that works with Gmail from Google (GOOG), and has been looking at the company for a while, previously offering about $10 million for it.

Xoopit also makes a similar photo-sharing application for Yahoo Mail, which it launched late last year.

As we said in May, Yahoo really wants to get in on social networking. Yahoo announced its social/mail push back in January 2008, but we haven’t seen a lot of movement on that front. The full acquisition of Xoopit might constitute the first step in that direction—but it doesn’t look like focusing on Yahoo’s core business of search. (On the other hand, their free webmail offering is an important part of the business, too.)

What do you think? Will Yahoo really sell HotJobs and YSB and/or buy Xoopit? Would either/both be a good idea?

  • Outsourcing is the keyword to keep up the speed of the market.

  • I think they’ll be limiting themselves if they sell YSB, but I like the idea of getting rid of Hot Jobs and investing in Xoopit. I’m still on the fence about Bartz and the decisions she’s making.

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  • tommy

    Sell Hotjobs!!!!!!!!!

  • I like the Xoopit piece of the move. There are lots of legacy Yahoo! email accounts. Heck, I still have one that I would have dumped if not for Boxbe. But it’s also so darn old that I don’t feel like losing it. And Xoopit is a perfect fit there.

    When I get the weekly emails, I often say, “Geez, I should delete this.” Then every couple of weeks, I find myself saving one off to my hard drive or forwarding it or something. Kind of like opening an old box in the attic.

    Agree with everyone on HotJobs. I can’t imagine what a distraction that has to be. The only reason I could imagine it’s still a fit is to serve as a web backend for their newspaper partners.

    Maybe, with a big capital M.

  • Sean

    Selling SmallBusiness seems ultimately like a bad choice. It’s one of the few services Yahoo! has that actually has a tangible service, and has a large revenue

  • As a Yahoo! Small business customer since 1998, I’ve always had the confidence that EVEN THOUGH Y!SB and Yahoo! Store were small potatoes compared to the $$$ in display advertising and search marketing (PPC), the Yahoo! Store part of Y!SB was so profitable that Y! would leave it alone.

    What’s up with Carol Bartz and the Yahoo! Executive team?

  • Yahoo just seems to be holding on to an outdated business model. It’s hard for me to see it ever surpassing Google or Microsoft.

  • Job-related sites are on fire these days….I’m assuming they could get a pretty penny for that right now, and allow some new blood to take hotjobs to the next level.

  • Bring back . Oh, I remember when their resume database was free (back in 1998)…and when HotJobs was actually a standalone company too.

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