Posted August 3, 2009 4:43 pm by with 1 comment

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Just two weeks ago, Yahoo unveiled a new homepage. The biggest changes seemed to be personalized data and a bit more streamlined interface, with links to other Yahoo services you choose (instead of all Yahoo services). Now, Yahoo is testing a new layout for its search results pages, too.

yahoo serp test

Like the new homepage, the Yahoo logo returns to its classic purple on the new SERP (a little over a month from when I noted that virtually everywhere the logo was red. Coincidence? I think not!). As Search Engine Land notes, the new SERP is also slightly “Bingafied”—with “Related Concepts” in the left-hand column, as well as Search Pad which was on the right-hand side of the SERP.

After the new search deal between Yahoo and Microsoft (geez, I take a week off and everyone goes and loses their minds?), it appears that Yahoo will be operating off Microsoft’s back end index, leaving Yahoo free to innovate and experiment with its interface without having to maintain that pesky crawling hobby. (Sounds to me like they’re essentially giving up on the search business and abdicating the #2 spot to Microsoft with as the welcome mat, but hey, potayto, potahto.)

What do you think? Is this “innovation” on Yahoo’s part? Is it better than the current layout, or not different enough to make a difference?