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Bing Bing Bing! Bing on a Roll?

Efficient Frontier is taking yet another look at Bing’s usage stats—and yet again, they’re up. As of the first week in August, Bing’s click share has grown 45 percentage points since the beginning of June.


Bing has been working to target travel and shopping as a “decision engine.” Efficient Frontier reports that this seems to be working pretty well, at least in the travel category, with an 11% (though I think they might mean “11 percentage points”) click share lift. The finance category has also been a boon to Bing, with 22% click share lift.

EF postulates that maybe the Bingahoo announcement brought searchers wondering about the deal and the companies’ financial fortunes. Yahoo has traditionally been the most popular finance site on the Internet, and this bump for Bing probably isn’t going to challenge it. But are they going to maintain two separate sites, or is that going to be too much competition between the two now-allies?

What do you think? Is Bing on a roll, or is this just an extended blip?