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bingsadMicrosoft rebranded and relaunched its search decision engine yet again in June with Bing. Since then, their marking onslaught has paid off a bit, with everincreasing paid clicks and traffic.

But that news may be a little one-sided. TechCrunch reports on comScore’s global search numbers—and it’s not all roses for Bing. Their global numbers are actually slightly down since their launch in June.

(Christa Quarles at Thomas Weisel Partners, via TechCrunch)

Microsoft’s numbers are holding pretty steady, though—hovering around 3%. June, the month they launched Bing, actually showed 7% growth over May—but a 3% drop in July.

The really alarming trend, however, is in Yahoo’s global numbers. In the five months shown on this chart, their market share falls steadily, showing a 10% drop. (Google, meanwhile, sees 6% growth, or an increase of over 4 percentage points.)

The international numbers (non US, I guess?) show similar trends: Microsoft was up slightly until July, but its numbers are hovering around the same level. Since February, they show 10% net growth. Yahoo shows a steady fall until July (where they’re up by 0.2 percentage points), with 5.6% net “negative growth.” Google continues to grow, here by almost 5 percentage points, or 7% growth.

What do you think—is this news worse for Microsoft or Yahoo? Will their deal be enough to forestall Google’s global domination?

  • Hi,

    Don’t forget that Bing hasn’t rolled out other than UK or US so far – the rest of the world is largely still getting the old version!


  • I’m stuck pondering whether Bing’s choice of the word “Decision” has actually hindered rather than helped.
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  • I’m amazed at the use of Yahoo particularly. I am in England and use Google first and Bing second simply because I find that Yahoo does not deliver local results every time. ie. If I am searching for a blog on mortgages then Yahoo often refers me to US sites and because of the differences in the finance system, laws and regulation, it doesn’t help me and that is why I find Yahoo frustrating.

    However, at least it doesn’t keep blocking me for search like Google seems to do increasingly….
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