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Toby Jones is a serial entrepreneur that understands successful small business tactics that have given him a competitive edge more than once. This man has the pulse of the people under his finger at all times. To put it simply, he is one with his market. He understands small business tactics so well that he can pull off stellar marketing materials like the one above while completely intoxicated!

Unfortunately, Toby’s innate talent is a rare gift among most small business owners. Most of us have to work hard everyday crafting the right message to gain the attention of consumers. And if you are not working hard at that, then you are probably failing.

However, as my mother always says, practice makes perfect. Now I am not saying that you will be as good as Toby over night, but you can start now to develop the skills required to create campaigns and materials that will instantly engage your target audience.

How to Engage Your Audience

Learn how to write well. Lisa Barone will kick your butt if you don’t start taking writing seriously and, for good reason too! Writing is at the core of communication. With out it we are unable to organize our ideas and articulate our message. Good writing can lead to higher conversions and user retention.

Learn to write with these resources:

Write To Done

Track trends on the internet and social media. Understanding what direction your base is heading, is a vital aspect of engaging them successfully. Luckily there are lots of tools for trends tracking on the internet. However understanding what is hot isn’t always the key, the real secret is knowing how and when to leverage that data to your advantage.

Track trends with these resources:

Google Insights
Twitter Search

Learn how to build a brand. Brand building is about building a presence in your market place that sets you apart from you competition. Once you have successfully build a brand engagement is much easier because it gives you a place of authority to speak from.

Learn Successful brand building from these guys:

Chris Brogan
Gary Vaynerchuk
Seth Godin

So get practicing and start engaging your audience today. And maybe one day you will be so familiar with it that you can pull off successful materials even when drunk, like Toby!