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We all know that Google is often caught testing tweaks to its search interface, but has it stepped up its efforts on the back of Bing’s apparent success?

I ask because it appears that Google has been unusually active in tweaking the magic formula behind its success. The latest was spotted by Barry Schwartz and shows yet another test of product images in AdWords:

Combined with other recent interface changes and the public testing of a new search index, it makes me wonder if this is all part of Google’s natural evolution, or a knee-jerk reaction to the threat posed by Microsoft’s Bing. The new search engine has brought an entirely new way of searching to the masses– historians, note the use of the word “masses–and I believe Google is reacting to Bing.

Google’s actual motivation, I’m not sure of. Perhaps the search engine now has strong enough competition that it’s fast tracking updates that are long overdue. Or, perhaps Google feels more comfortable with making changes to the “ten blue links” now that it’s seen Bing’s success with its interface.

Whatever the motivation, it’s hard to deny that Bing’s ability to compete will be directly tied with Google’s willingness to keep evolving search.

  • Combined with Google’s moving ads closer to the search results, this makes sense since these sorts of ads could potentially take up more page space.

  • Now this is something new ive never seen ads like this before. Maybe this is what future advertising is going to be like. After all we see ads like this on websites everyday why not google.

    thanks for spotting it for us.

    kind regards

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  • I actually spotted this yesterday too. It’ll be interesting to see if Google actually starts using this technique.

  • Andy,

    I noticed a lot of Google in Bing as well. Take the front page of Bing for instance. The hotspots reminded me immediately of Google Earth. I think we may see much more innovation on both sides.
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  • Google have been alot more active since Bing came along. That said I don’t think google really need to change much, I can’t see anyone posing a threat to them in the short term future.