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gmail beta no moreGmail is officially out of beta and it’s enjoying being all grown up, thank you very much. Maybe it just needed to have its training wheels taken off so it could really get moving but we all know that the beta label was just that; a label. Since its introduction over 6 years ago Gmail has been growing steadily and as TechCrunch reports it has moved past AOL’s email service to be the third largest email service in the US.

comScore has given this title to Gmail based on unique visitors to the service and it has just passed the AOL service with 37 million unique visitors in July while AOL had 36.4 million visitors. As if AOL doesn’t already have enough trouble with just being AOL this kind of news is not what they need to hear. It doesn’t appear as if this is going to be a close race either since the two services are headed in very different directions.

….so far this year, Gmail’s unique visitors grew 25 percent, while AOL’s declined 22 percent. Thus, the two crossed paths in July. (Hotmail grew only 8 percent during the same period, while Yahoo Mail increased unique visitors by a healthy 16 percent).

Honestly, every time I see someone using an AOL e-mail address (particularly in a professional situation) I have a brief moment of “They still have an email service?” quickly followed by “Do you still pay for that?” (AOL does have a free version of its email service). I was a bit surprised that Gmail hadn’t moved past them a long time ago.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that you need a Gmail account to use any of the other myriad of services that Google offers (please don’t tell the folks over at the European Commission because there may be some trouble with that one considering it makes sense and creates more business for Google). It also doesn’t hurt that the storage limits on Gmail accounts are quite generous.

Are you a Gmail user? Do you use the other services? Any preference?

  • I definitely prefer Gmail. I like all the changes that they are making. I also like the labs and the different functionality. They also have great SPAM filters. There are so many reasons why Gmail is amazing.
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  • It is indeed true that Gmail is one of the largest email handler worldwide and not on the US alone. I personally love Gmail too, not to mentioned the added functionalities, themes, and labs. 🙂

  • Ever since I switched to Gmail in 2005, I never regretted the decision. Even thought it was in a state of perpetual beta, I never ran into problems – it was just getting better and better. I’m a bit intrigued to know that AOL had this many unique visitors! Well, Gmail is the King of all e-mail handlers!!
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  • hi

    Ya gmail as grown very quickly las t 5 years .Its very great achievment

  • Gmail from day one has been my best bet…. there were days when you felt it was not up to it in terms of the look and feel. Whether there was anything improved on look and feel, i felt that gmail was dependable and no frills attached deal.
    I love gmail (I love Google!!!)
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  • Gmail has really improved over last few months. That have made some programming changes that have made it much better to use. Plus it is a convenient system to use.

  • Seems like Google is dominating everything on the web.
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  • Its only a matter of time for it to jump to number one. I think as long as they don’t stay stagnant and keep developing new add ons and features there is no reason that they can’t overtake the #1 spot.
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  • i have two email accounts, for all my professional work i go with gmail while for friends and family i have a hotmail account. dont know why but whenever im using gmail i get the feel that all my stuff is more easily managed as well as organized.

  • im not surprised at all that gmail surpassed AOL infact im wondering what took them so long 🙂

  • When people write articles or posts indicating that someone is #2 or #3, why don’t they indicate somewhere who was #1 or #2? It’s the first question I always ask, and now have to go research.

  • I’m using Gmail for all my and I will use it forever as I know google will keep on giving the best for it s users.

    @marco tell us once you got your research done.

  • I use Gmail for all my professional work! it is much more easier to manage and organize my work

  • i love gmail….. i am using it from 2006…. I never regretted the decision… thank u gmail…
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  • I’m using Gmail, I love it…
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  • it was only a matter of time before they jumped the list to 3.. they might just move to number #1 soon enough! quit smoking