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google-logoEver have a moment when you see something and you say” Well, of course, that’s obvious. No surprise there.” Then if you actually take the time to look at the ‘obvious’ thing you practically brushed you have another realization of the real impact of the information? I had that kind of moment his morning after seeing a report at SearchEngineLand regarding the most recognized brands in the world.

Millward Brown released their top “BrandZ” report for 2009 and Google has the top spot again. With a list like this you would expect some serious competition and there is.

Brandz 09

What really caught me off guard is just how big, recognizable and powerful the Google brand is a relatively short time period. According to a Wikipedia entry in September it will be just 11 years ago that the search monster was incorporated as a private company. Google is about to celebrate its 5 anniversary as a public company. The whole world, however, gets to celebrate a different way of life everyday in no small part to the innovation that Google has brought to business and life in general.

Some may stop here and barf at the Google-love of the last sentence but that would just be out of complete denial, jealousy or both. There is no way to deny the impact that Google has had on just about everything, especially the Internet economy. Now, if our government can just stay out of the way, hopefully the success of the Internet for business can continue and be a major contributor to the economic recovery we all need to experience.

On a personal note, I am glad to see that all of the money I have spent with Coca-Cola to support my Diet Coke habit (no carcinogen warnings needed…the damage is done already, thanks) is paying off in brand equity. One point of interest, Yahoo was ranked number 81 with a 31% decline in brand value from last year. Wonder what that will look like a year from now after the much ballyhooed rebranding that will be coming up soon in conjunction with the little agreement they just reached with the number 2 brand on the planet?