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You’ve probably noticed a trend in 2009: I’ve mostly kept a low profile when it comes to speaking and interviews.

After blitzing the launch of my book Radically Transparent, I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus in 2009–mostly to give you all a break! 😉 But also to focus on Trackur.

Anyway, I’m slowly ramping back-up and it was a pleasure to sit down with my good friend Martin Brossman and discuss online reputation management. Martin has a very nice studio, so the quality of this podcast is one of the best I’ve heard.

In this interview we discuss:

  • What does Transparency in Business mean?
  • Dealing with a reputation assault on the web
  • Transparency and how it serves Small Business
  • vs Google Alerts
  • His book: Radically Transparent: Monitoring and Managing Reputations Online
  • More about Andy Beal, his work and his views of the future

You can listen to the audio here.

  • Great interview, a lot of good information for companies to learn from.
    .-= Brennan´s last blog ..How To Handle Negative Reviews Online =-.

  • It as a real joy having you on the show Andy and hope to have you back soon. I am getting great feedback on how useful the show is. Also thanks for the great product Trackur! Just showed it to another web person today that said, “I need to use that”.

    Martin Brossman

  • Great interview! I believe this is one of the most important issues on the web today. A wise man once told me “There are a million ways to make money, but you only have one reputation.” With somewhere in the range of 100 million active bloggers who post or tweet daily, our online reputations can escalate in any direction at the drop of a hat.

  • I really enjoy Martin’s audio work and he chose to interview the expert when it comes to Reputation Management. Andy and Martin, that’s a great combo to have on an audio. Both you guys…keep doing what you two do so well. Great Job!
    .-= David Williams´s last blog ..Seth Godin on Social Networking =-.

  • Thanks all for the great feedback!

  • Great interview. You guys have a good rapport. Nice research on both parts, and learned a lot. May have a new trackur customer here.

  • Great Podcast! Always great questions from Martin, and awesome answers that make you think from Andy!

  • I found this to be extremely informative and easy to digest. This type of information is important to stay on the cutting edge in marketing today.

  • Awesome,great exchange of information Martin you and Andy are great resources on social media. Andy is a true expert on Reputation Management.His training should be required as proactive for any business thinking of using social media as a marketing tool.Excellent job guys.

  • This is a great interview. Martin, you did a great job. Andy, you provided some fantastic information. You definitely know your business. Transparency and authenticity are essential in this ever faster moving business world. It is becoming critically important to be aware of what your customers are saying about you and reacting to it. Case and point; Whitney Houston may be in for a big surprise if no one likes her return to the stage and people start tweeting that she lost it. On the other hand, she may be just as incredible as she was before she married Bobby Brown and everyone will tweet their love for her again. Either case business today needs to be prepared and Andy, you provide them a great tool to help them manage their reputation. Congrats!
    .-= Greg Hyer´s last blog ..Need a Job? Then Don’t Waste Time on Job Boards =-.

  • What a Great Share!

    There was a great flow between you two. Martin does a really good interview drawing out a person and Andy delivered big time.

    I’ve paid for information that was not this good :).

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