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First a quick history lesson. Google launches Google Print. The Authors Guild sues Google. Google reaches an agreement with the Authors Guild. The US Government takes a look, then takes another look.

Got all that?

OK, so now a "coalition" has been formed to make sure that the DoJ’s antitrust investigation gets all the "facts" that it needs. You’ll never guess who’s behind the coalition?

Wait, you guessed Microsoft and Yahoo! Drat, you’re good!

Then again, its hardly surprising that Microsoft and its bride-to-be want to stick their snouts firmly in any antitrust investigation of Google, is it? Apparently other entities may join the coalition, including Amazon and…

…Special Libraries Association, the New York Library Association and the American Society of Journalists and Authors are planning to join the group.

So, what’s the goal of the coalition? I’ve not seen the articles of incorporation, but I’m pretty sure the words "meddling," "interfering" and "pot stirring" were used liberally!

 [The coalition] isn’t aiming to issue a coordinated filing with the court, which is scheduled to hold a hearing on the settlement…the coalition is designed "to develop public statements and documents" that identify the antitrust implications of the settlement, as well as other issues, such as whether the agreement does enough to protect users’ privacy.

In other words, it plans to be a thorn in Google’s flesh.