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the undead on youtubeJust in case there was any doubt that online video is more popular than ever, a new study says that one third of all videos are shared online. Yahoo, market research firm Interpret LLC, Warner Bros. Media Research, Havas Digital, and Omnicom’s PHD collaborated for the survey results, to be released today.

We marketers should be especially excited about the results from the survey. Ads on television, it appears, were twice as likely to be ignored as online ads. 28% admitted they were more likely to pay attention to online advertising. Engagement was also high—leading to increased satisfaction for users, brand recall for advertisers and tendency to seek product information for consumers.

In fact, after viewing videos they deemed “high engagement,” more than one in four respondents searched for more information about a product (27%) or visited the brand website (28%). Low-engagement videos prompted only 13% to research more and only 10% to visit the brand website.

Plus, video viewers spend 32% of their total time online watching video. Seven in ten of the respondents watched videos online at home and at work. Video consumption verified this, peaking for men, women, students and full-time employees during the hours of noon and 3 PM and 9 PM and 1 AM. The low point came at 6 PM and 9 PM.

The survey was conducted with 2024 broadband Internet users, aged 13 to 54, who’d watched an online video in the last 24 hours.

What do you think? Do you research a product after a high engagement video? What videos would you give as examples of high engagement?