Twitter Conferences Are In

Twitter iconAs part of the Internet marketing industry have you done the conference circuit? Have you been to SES, SMX (put cardinal direction here), Adtech, PubCon etc, etc? On a yearly basis how many of these trips can you justify or get away with? Well, with shrinking budgets everywhere now you have to add the new spate of Twitter conferences to your hit list of things you absolutely have to do to get out of the office learn more about the industry.

TechCrunch tells us of the growing list of conferences that are starting to sprout up as a result of the use of (or confusion around the use of) Twitter for business purposes.

Cup of Joe: The Fact of The Matter Is, I am Pretty Drunk Right Now

Toby Jones is a serial entrepreneur that understands successful small business tactics that have given him a competitive edge more than once. This man has the pulse of the people under his finger at all times. To put it simply, he is one with his market. He understands small business tactics so well that he can pull off stellar marketing materials like the one above while completely intoxicated!

Unfortunately, Toby’s innate talent is a rare gift among most small business owners. Most of us have to work hard everyday crafting the right message to gain the attention of consumers. And if you are not working hard at that, then you are probably failing.

Boy, We Watch a Boat Load of Video

VideoOf course everyone knows that Americans watch a lot of video. Why not, right? We spend a lot of time online and we like to make excuses to not exercise. It’s the perfect storm for YouTube and Hulu and the rest of the video distribution sites of the world. It is somewhat amazing though to see the numbers attached to it, though. comScore reports, in fact, that in July US Internet users watched a staggering 21.4 billion videos. That’s a new record, by the way. I feel like Frank Barone from the Everybody Loves Raymond show because all I can say to that is – “Holy crap!”

Wireless Industry Target of FCC Probe

GovernmentImagine this. You are in the wireless industry and you are on the verge of actually fulfilling all of the prophecies about your industry being the future of the Internet and communications in general. The smart phone is now becoming more the norm and the introduction of the iPhone has moved the growth along at an ever accelerating rate of speed. It looks like finally everything is falling into place. So could possibly slow you down now? Take one guess ….. that’s right …. the government.

Ah yes. What would a day in business be these days without the long arm of the government making sure that everyone plays by their rules rather than the rules that might stimulate a recovery? MediaPost tells us that the FCC has decided that the wireless industry needs to be looked into because, well, here’s their reasons.

Google Docs Adds Translation

Google continues to work on its machine translation—both the quality of the translations and the number of their products using it. In the last year, they’ve added translation to the Google Toolbar and Google Reader, and now Google Docs joins the translating fold.

To translate a document into one of the 42 offered languages, open it and go to Tools>Translate document.


In the official announcement on the Google Blog, Associate Product Manager Intern Rita Chen recognizes that machine translation still has a long way to go. However, I’m happy to report that there have been some improvements, at least since Google Reader got its translation feature.

I used a bilingual blog to test GR’s translator. I took the translated posts to compare the translation quality:

Local Listings Come to Google Street View

Google Maps uses has two features that have lived side by side for a while: local business listings and Street View. Although Google Maps would let you click through to Street View from a local business (or any address) listing, if you were searching for a business, the interface might make you jump back and forth between Street View, the results and the map.

annot1But no more: Google is taking its local listings right into Street View now. The initial results look much the same, with the link for Street View—but now, when you go into Street View the local business listings and markers appear on the street-level photographs.

Even better: when you search for a business nearby, pins for the results appear on the street-level map, so you can see the nearest results from right in front of your location.

Seriously, Do Teens Tweet?

twitter-birdYesterday, we went in search of Twittering teens, after the NYT couldn’t find any. Time and again we’ve heard statistics tell us that teens don’t tweet—or do they?

The Silicon Alley Insider took a look at comScore’s recent numbers and charted them. The chart says it “measures unique visitors relative to their presence on the Web as a whole”—meaning that if 16% of Internet users are teens, and 16% of Twitter users are teens, they’d be at 100.
For July, teens (well, teens and young adults) are at 120—meaning there is a higher percentage of Twitter users that are teens than Internet users that are teens. Also note that the 12-24 bracket is the only one on an upward trend since June.