Facebook Caves on Canadian Privacy Complaints

O Canada, the home and native land of extremely threatening privacy watchdogs. Hm? What’s that? Canadians aren’t scary, they’re actually friendly and accommodating? Well, yes, that’s been my experience, but that can’t be the case now. You see, Facebook usually kicks and screams like a two-year-old rather than change its policies. But when the world’s second largest country (by total area) points out that the world’s most popular social network is breaking their privacy laws, apparently Facebook has to listen. You know, eventually.

Although Facebook announced new, more granular yet simpler privacy controls in July, Canada’s Privacy Commissioner, Jennifer Stoddard, said the company wasn’t doing enough. They set forth a number of areas of the privacy policy that need improvements, including:

  • collecting users’ date of birth

Google to Offer Mortgage Quotes

MortgageMaybe this is the sign that we all needed to really feel that the momentum in the economy has shifted? According to a suit filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina Google may be entering the mortgage quoting business. While Google itself is not part of the suit, it gets prominent mention according to the New York Times.

It appears that LendingTree, a leading online mortgage quote provider, has taken umbrage with the company, Mortech, that provides some of the power behind LendingTree’s service. As a result, Google gets to play as well.

Google and Loch Ness ……. Perfect Together

We are winding down summer and it appears as if all of the newsmakers have gone on holiday or vacation or whatever you call it in your part of the world. So in order to keep you informed of the most important developments we have scoured the globe and found that Google Earth may unearthed one of the greatest legends of all time. The Loch Ness Monster! That’s right, Nessie!

C’mon. You know she’s real. She’s just very elusive. Fortunately, there is virtually nothing that escapes the eyes of Google. Check her out!

Nessie Smaller

So what other mysteries can we turn to Google to solve? The origin of the universe? Time travel? How to open most small pieces of electronics packaged in those awful plastic things that cause harm to innocent consumers? What do you need from Google today? Ask and you shall receive ………

Google Certified Ad Networks Coming to AdSense

AdSense publishers listen-up!

Google just knocked down the walled garden and you’ll soon see ads from other ad networks competing for your AdSense ad space. The video below explains the change and the email to all AdSense publishers is copied below that.


We’re writing to let you know about an upcoming update in your AdSense account designed to help you generate the maximum revenue from your ad units. You’ll soon be able to allow multiple ad networks to show on your pages, which means that advertisers from external Google-certified networks will be able to compete with AdWords advertisers for your ad space.

YouTube Partnership Program Expands

youtube profits title=This week, Google announced that YouTube is extending its Partnership Program. Formerly only for professional and very popular accounts (think thousands of views per video), the Partnership Program shared ad revenue between YouTube and original content creators.

Now anyone can participate in the ad-sharing program . . . almost. Actually, you still have to get thousands of video views to participate. The real change here is that instead those thousands of views can come to just one of your videos, instead of each of them. Before, several of your videos had to be popular to get into the Partnership Program. Now, just one of your videos has to go viral, and Google can invite you into the program—for that video:

Individual video partnerships will not be eligible for many of the benefits of user partnerships, like enhanced channel features or the ability to monetize other videos in your account, so we encourage you to apply to be a member of the YPP. We’ll consider your individual video partnerships when reviewing your YPP application. For now individual video partnerships are available only in the United States, but we hope to roll these out internationally soon.

Yahoo Gettin’ Facebook-y (Really This Time)

yahoo-logoLast January, Yahoo first unveiled its plans to bring social networking into their email inbox. Now, over eighteen months and one new CEO later, it looks like those plans are finally ready to roll out.

In changes that bear an eerie resemblance to the most popular social network in the world, Yahoo is bringing your friends’ “connections'” updates, pictures, and birthdays, the Wall Street Journal reports.

yahoomail yahoomail2
WSJ’s new Yahoo image Yahoo’s image from a presentation in Jan 2008

Some users in the US and Australia have already seen the changes, but the new system is set to roll out for all users over the next four weeks.

Yahoo thinks the change will be well received because so many Internet users are using social networking and email—and they believe there’s a big demand for convergence:

What Do the Big Names Read? Google Will Tell You

google-2Ever wonder what exactly some of the biggest names in most anything read? Are they looking somewhere that we are not and that’s how they got big? While you may not have thought about it, now that you are thinking along those lines it might interesting to see just what these folks do keep up with, right?. Google Reader has added to its Power Reader offering so you can do just that. Google reached out to some ‘important’ folks to get a window into how they keep up to date. In the Official Google blog we learn that