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In a study released today by advertising research firm Dynamic Logic, research shows that bigger isn’t always better in online advertising. In fact, page-framing ads, like leaderboards and skyscrapers, were less effective than “half banners” (234 x 60) and rectangles (180 x 150).


However, the most important factor influencing ad effectiveness is the creative quality of the ad, according to Dynamic Logic SVP Ken Mallon, although if the creative quality is the same, then ad size is a “significant” influence, according to MediaPost.

Why do smaller ads perform better?

The Dynamic Logic researchers said the reason is that the smaller format display ads are far more integrated into the content of Web pages, and consequently are more effective at “driving online ad awareness and purchase intent.”

Also, ads’ format strongly influenced their effectiveness—rich media ads were the most effective, while simple Flash ads performed worst. (It’s those tase the gnome ads, I’m telling you.)


What do you think? Have you seen smaller ads performing better? Does placement, size or integration to the content of the page play the biggest role in ad effectiveness (after creative, of course 😉 )?

  • I’d be curious to see how broad the study was. Did it include blogs or was it primarily “mainstream” sites? Take a site like MP — would the same results apply if you’re talking about sidebar ads? Just curious . . .
    .-= Joshua Dorkin´s last blog ..Don’t Disrespect the Help! You Never Know Who You’re Talking To =-.

  • Well . . . MediaPost says the data was from 2390 online display campaigns over the last three years. Doesn’t exactly answer your question, I know, but I would assume there’s a fair amount of diversity in there.

  • Darren O’Rourk

    I would also like to see what type of performance interactive banners had, such as playable banners.

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  • Hmmm….Very interesting. Like Darren, I also wonder how the performance of a rich media, interactive advertisement compares with an regular advertisement. All of this information may really change advertisers’ minds.
    .-= Joel Gross´s last blog ..The Power of Outsourcing =-.

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