Posted August 5, 2009 10:07 am by with 14 comments

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When Google decided to enter the web analytics space, fear spread throughout the industry at the thought of a challenger that offered a pretty comprehensive package–for free, no less!

Well, after the initial trembling of the knees, web analytics companies re-grouped and came out swinging. The latest development comes from WebTrends, which appears to have finished a considerable upgrade to its user interface.

In fact, Douglas Karr–who provides the screenshots below–sums it up nicely:

The new interface with Webtrends 9 is elegant, simple, clean and has exceptional usability. It feels as though you just sat down in a new Mercedes.

Karr has a number of screenshots on his site, but here are a couple that jumped out to me.

RSS Overlays

Want to know how your social media efforts are directly helping your corporate web traffic? A new RSS overlay lets you match your activities with your traffic spikes:

And, how about having someone actually interpret all of those numbers for you? Instead of paying for a web analyst with a PhD, WebTrends will convert the data to something you can actually understand!

Plain English!

Throw in iPhone compatibility and the new WebTrends interface certainly looks like a winner. What do you think? Who’s tried the new interface?