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What do Google AdWords & The Three Amigos Have in Common?

While Google’s Caffeine testing ground might contain few changes to the user interface, that’s not stopping the search engine from testing new layouts.

As spotted by Erick Schonfeld, Google really wants you to pay attention to its AdWords ads. So much so, that if you’re viewing Google with a wide screen, the ads no longer remain aligned to the right-hand side.

Clearly Google feels this will increase the number of clicks on the ads.

What’s next? Maybe this will help give Google some ideas:


  • Free Wii

    I guess from googles point of view it is good but personally I don’t think it would make much difference, I will still click on one if it’s what i’m looking for!

  • Michael Zipursky

    Andy, this will be interesting to see whether CTRs will now increase. To those attuned to paid vs organic listings this may not make a huge difference, but for the ‘average’ user bringing the ads closer to their main eyepath could have a significant impact.
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  • Nate@Doubleshot is pretty cool. It shows the difference in search results for the two algorithms. Just put in some keywords and see what changed. Could be helpful for SEO engineers.

  • Big Sur

    Awesome video. Love that movie.

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  • PPC freelancer

    I don’t think it is making much difference from users point of view. I wouldn’t have even noticed this change unless read this post. Hope it works for Google and online marketers