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google-2Ever wonder what exactly some of the biggest names in most anything read? Are they looking somewhere that we are not and that’s how they got big? While you may not have thought about it, now that you are thinking along those lines it might interesting to see just what these folks do keep up with, right?. Google Reader has added to its Power Reader offering so you can do just that. Google reached out to some ‘important’ folks to get a window into how they keep up to date. In the Official Google blog we learn that

We received lots of great responses, which we’ve collected into our second edition of Power Readers. In this edition, we’ve expanded from Power Readers in Politics to include journalists, techies, fashion critics, foodies and more. We hope this will be a good place to find great things to read, whether you already have an extensive reading list or are totally new to Google Reader.

Thankfully, Google decided to move beyond politics (stop the spin I want to get off!). While the lists are not very deep (just about 25 folks in total ….. and WHAT? ….. no Andy Beal? The list is obviously flawed ;-)). It includes the likes of Chris Anderson, Michelle Malkin and others from various areas that I didn’t know were important people. Of course, if you ask anyone who knows me, they will quickly tell you that if it doesn’t involve a ball, puck or other projectiles I probably wouldn’t know about it anyway.

As a sample here is what Nicholas Kristof, Op-ed columnist of the New York Times is checking out.

Kristof Reading List JPEG SMALL

So go to where the Google anointed smart folks are and help Google Reader in the process. That’s the point of all of this anyway, right?