Posted August 10, 2009 10:10 am by with 6 comments

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If you’re an avid dayparter, you might already know that breakfast is one of the best times of day to target your advertising.

According to the NYT, more and more people are checking emails, tweeting, texting and updating their Facebook status, before they grab breakfast. Some, are even more addicted!

This is morning in America in the Internet age. After six to eight hours of network deprivation — also known as sleep — people are increasingly waking up and lunging for cellphones and laptops, sometimes even before swinging their legs to the floor and tending to more biologically urgent activities.


Seriously, breakfast is the new lunchtime! It used to be that lunchtime was the best time of day to target your online advertising. There’s nothing more captive than a bored worker with company provided broadband! Now it appears that more of us are getting our fix at home, before our Cheerios, and so marketers need to adapt.

This rise in pre-breakfast internet use could help mobile marketers finally figure out how to reach their target audience. As the report suggests, iPhones and Blackberries are becoming more popular than iHop and blueberry pancakes! Consumers are packing in a lot of mobile browsing first thing in the morning–the perfect time to capture their attention!

Have you had success targeting your ads at breakfast time?