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It’s not really a secret that Yahoo has given up on search. If handing the keys to the car over to Microsoft didn’t give it away, then the next step would be to run TV ads saying “We’ve! Given! Up! on Search!”–yeah, complete with those annoying exclamation marks, Yahoo! likes! to! use!

So, Yahoo really isn’t fooling anyone with the announced testing of a new search engine interface. Sure, superficially we get to see lots of cool new features such as “show results from” filters, social media content, video playback within search results, and a whole host of new whistles and bells, but it’s nothing more than prepping for surgery. In this case, the surgical implanting of Microsoft’s Bing.

Here’s a screenshot of how some folks will see Yahoo’s search results:

And, here’s how a similar search on Bing looks:

So, basically, this is nothing more than Yahoo preparing its users for a switch to Bing–and its three column search design.

That’s it, end of story!

If you think there’s something more to this, then please feel free to sound-off in the comments below. 🙂

  • Nothing more to add. I just thought it was very funny that Yahoo! would even announce ANYTHING about improved search in light of the Microhoo deal. Maybe they are playing the “What if this doesn’t pass regulatory muster” game?

    We’re not even a month into this 2 year odyssey before this thing is in full swing and we already have to separate the wheat from the chaff. Looks like boatloads of fun to follow!
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  • Jeff O’Connor

    I get this when I use Yahoo! search, and it includes the new Yahoo! Notepad.

    I’ve read elsewhere that Yahoo!-specific innovations like search monkey are also going to be retained. So, I think there’s more to this in that Yahoo! will leverage its unique IP to enhance the Bing search experience.

    Also, if they have any real preservation instinct left at all, they’ll prioritize their own content and allow Bing unfettered access to all of their properties. As a long-time Yahoo! user, my activities on various Yahoo! sites should allow them serve up more relevant content than Google can.

    On a purely personal note, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and hold out a bit longer to really dazzle me with Bing+Yahoo! = special. However, given that my new Palm Pre integrates by default with Google and Yahoo! has apparently sold its mobile self into iPhone whoredom, I’ve already started preparing for a move to Google. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but I’m being realistic.

  • Its look like good. but not enough for the competition with Google SE.
    Ajax interface looking good.

  • Steve Johannsen

    Jeff O Conner says: , I’ve already started preparing for a move to Google. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but I’m being realistic.

    Don’t do it Jeff!! GOOGLE is both the DEVIL you know and the DEVIL you don’t know anything but GOOGLE!!! As many bad things that has been said about Microsoft for years being EVIL lol GOOGLE in such a short time has far surpassed anything Microsoft could have ever attempted to do.

    Neither of them are on the level of evilness as Apple though,they are rotten to the core!!!

  • ahh! they copy bing!! I’ve found the similarity now..

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