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August Search Share: Bing Up, Yahoo Down, Google’s Both Up & Down

I don’t know how much of the estimated $100 million marketing budget Microsoft has burned through in its promotion of Bing, but the ad bailout campaign is working!

According to new Nielsen data, Microsoft managed to increase its search share by 22.1% last month–bringing its total share of searches from 9% to 10.7%!

On the opposite side of the news spectrum, Yahoo’s search share dropped from 17.1% to 16%–with an actual drop of 75,000,000 searches–wiping out most of the growth it saw last month.

How did Google fair? It lost 0.2% share in August–which continues a downward trend for the search monopoly–but its actual search numbers grew from 6,809,116,000 searches to 6,986,580,000.

The rest of the data (below) is blatantly grabbed from SEL, because clearly Bloomberg doesn’t know how to cut and paste charts correctly. ;-)


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