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I don’t know how much of the estimated $100 million marketing budget Microsoft has burned through in its promotion of Bing, but the ad bailout campaign is working!

According to new Nielsen data, Microsoft managed to increase its search share by 22.1% last month–bringing its total share of searches from 9% to 10.7%!

On the opposite side of the news spectrum, Yahoo’s search share dropped from 17.1% to 16%–with an actual drop of 75,000,000 searches–wiping out most of the growth it saw last month.

How did Google fair? It lost 0.2% share in August–which continues a downward trend for the search monopoly–but its actual search numbers grew from 6,809,116,000 searches to 6,986,580,000.

The rest of the data (below) is blatantly grabbed from SEL, because clearly Bloomberg doesn’t know how to cut and paste charts correctly. 😉

  • Well, actually not so big changes, if we think how much publicity Microsoft has received. The big changes may still come, because the Bing-launch is going.

    Juhani Tontti
    Internet Business Ideas

  • So … MSN just grabbed some of Yahoo’s market share? And neither posed any kind of threat to Google’s dominance?
    .-= Cara deBeer´s last blog ..Good Morning Vietnam =-.

  • To be honest I am getting more relevant search results in bing. When I search for something in google now with real time search I get all kinds of gamed results and news results for when I look up things about services I need for my business or website. I optimize for Google more but use Bing for my own personal searching.
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  • Page views. Nothing but useless, meaningless page views.

    They should be including and in these statistics — their page views are just as relevant to measuring search market share.

  • I think it doesn’t take long before Bing go to the number two spot and grab a lot of Google’s market share. More and more people using Bing now. I understand why, don’t you?
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  • @Michael – how can it be meaningless, when we can use the data to track trends? The metric may be flawed, but we can learn from the increase or decrease in said metric.

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  • Bing is surely rolling out some good features,
    on the flip side, live was better than msn, … so whats after bing?