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bing-logo-2-jMicrosoft’s Bing continues to grow its market share, according to comScore. They’re up from 8% (Microsoft’s market share at launch) to 9.3% (that astounding leap represents over 16% growth!! Google’s growth rate, by comparison, is paltry! Paltry, I tell you!). And we probably have to ascribe at least a little of their growth to their $100M marketing blitz.

So, AllThingsD asks, can marketing do the same for Yahoo (and, well, “you“)—and if so, should Yahoo be excited or concerned? After all, $100M seems pretty steep for 1.3 percentage points (even if it is over 16% growth!! [the sarcasm is because we all need reminders of how people lie with statistics]).

Peter Kafka seems to come down on the side of concerned a little more strongly—because, as he says, “It’s you” doesn’t have the same compelling call to action that “It helps you find answers instead of crap—better than Google!” does.

(Aside: I’m really getting jealous of you here. First you were the Time Person of the Year, and now Yahoo’s obsessed with you. What is it about you? What do you have that I don’t have? *sob*)

However, the campaign does (well, may) show that if you blanket the airwaves with your image and your message, you might be able to achieve over 16% growth. At least in the short term.

On the other hand, marketing blitzes and TV commercials don’t always work for search engines.

On yet another hand, with their search deal pending, does Yahoo even need growth for their search engine? Or are they looking to hold onto their portal dominance and strong brand?

What do you think? Should Yahoo be excited or concerned upon seeing Microsoft’s growth after their marketing blitz? Is “It’s You” a compelling enough message? And what is it about you?!

  • WillC

    I think Yahoo should be concerned with maintaining some sort of hold on the search market. I think after evaluating how important maintaining search would be to its overall branding, the decision was made to put something back into that part of it. With the partnership with Bing still up in the air, there needs to be a plan ‘B’ for Yahoo. The last two months have seen its search share decrease so its pretty important for Yahoo to make some sort of effort.
    As for Bing, it’s still a positive thing to increase its share no matter how minuscule the percentage is in relation to its output. Sometimes, you have to pay a hefty price to get where you need to be. Three months of increase is wonderful for them and this month (when search generally returns to form with back to school) will be a true test to see how far their campaign has reached in trying to get users.
    Those interested in the search industry should also take a look at, a budding search engine that is vastly improving and growing. They are constantly adding things to improve its results and I think they could really make a mark in the future.

  • “What is it about you? What do you have that I don’t have? *sob*” I think it’s only a matter of time before the “Me” campaign. “You” was so 2006. I think “Me” is very 2010.

    Anyway… wasn’t there talk of putting lipstick on a pig or something? That’s the problem with just having a glossy marketing campaign with nothing to back it up.

    I was doing a site analysis panel at one of the shows not too long ago. It was actually done on the trade show floor. It was interesting because it was very laid back and casual. A Yahoo engineer actually sat in on the group and asked what people didn’t like about Yahoo and what they would like to see different. It was very shocking, but also cool.

    The response from the group was that Yahoo wasn’t very daring. Google and now Microsoft are all about innovation. Yahoo is very careful about every move.

    Bing was a wild move for such a big company. I think it represented innovation and excitement to the Web world. They are continuing to innovate and do daring things. That spirit is what is pushing them, I think.

    Until Yahoo starts swinging for the fences, breaking windows and just being an all around risk taker, I don’t feel much hope for them.
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