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Facebook IconFacebook is taking steps to help advertisers understand just how valuable advertising on Facebook can be. While there has been some discontent in the advertising community re: Facebook’s effectiveness as an advertising vehicle the Wall Street Journal tells of the new alliance Facebook has with Nielsen. Under the partnership, Facebook will begin polling its users about some of the display ads it runs on its site, such as a banner promoting a movie release.

Facebook will provide that data, including responses from those who didn’t see an ad, to Nielsen, which will package it for advertisers, say the companies.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg gets one thing that is important for sure when it comes to advertisers and data

Ms. Sandberg said the new Nielsen polling service will help prove to advertisers that Facebook’s display ads work. “It can’t just be you who proves it. It has to be a third party,” she said.

This is an important point that most Internet marketers seem to miss. The Internet allows anybody to say anything at anytime. This has especially been true around sales tactics for Internet marketing services. The hyperbole and the flat out lies about guarantees etc. While not perfect, it is a good idea for any provider of Internet marketing to be able to back up their claims with something other than their ‘good name”.

Right now Facebook is looking like it has some momentum that could help it hit the $500 million in revenue number that has been thrown down. Advertisers are using the platform including Sony to pimp its movies. Some of the campaigns are being measured in millions of dollars.
So kudos to Facebook for being mature enough to do something that is more solid business practice than brilliant marketing move. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you work, having a fresh set of outside and objective eyes to ensure things are on track. Sure it may cost some money but the cost of not being examined could have a much larger impact.

Do you or your company enlist the services of any third party objective providers to see where you may or may not be hitting the mark with your Internet marketing? Do you see the value of such a practice? Why or why not?

  • To have kinks in anything in the beginning is understandable. Facebook is really new to the advertising game (in relation to other companies) so I think teaming up with someone with more knowledge is key. Thanks for the in formation.
    .-= Steven Roddy´s last blog ..How to Market Your Videos on Youtube =-.