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gooburner logoBack in April 2007, we pointed out that if you used FeedBurner click tracking to see which feed items people clicked on, it might be “siphoning off your link juice,” if people used those redirected links instead of your real URL. For example, your URL might be but the redirect would be

FeedBurner worked to keep using the click tracking from hurting your rankings by using 302 redirects. There was also an option to select 301 redirects, but the average user probably wouldn’t know to switch that option on.

Well, now FeedBurner has changed their all redirection to 301s. According to the AdSense for Feeds blog, FB looked at the data for redirects and realized there would be some traffic or ranking benefit for their users if they changed from 302s to 301s.

FeedBurner was acquired by Google back in May 2007. Only eleven months later (*eye roll*), in April 2008, the two finally began their integration, and finally finished it in April 2009.

What do you think? Will this make a difference in your traffic? Did you prefer the 302s, had you opted in to the 301s?

  • nice to know that. thanks for the useful information.

  • Obviously, I would love to use 301 redirect instead of 302 redirect. I think 301 redirect will helps a bit in our search engine rankings.