Posted September 25, 2009 12:30 pm by with 27 comments

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If you’re not familiar with, the best way to describe it is it’s like Twitter, but with snapshots of your face. Yeah I know, sounds lame, right?

Except that I can help but laugh out loud every time Dream Systems Media owner Matt Siltala posts his latest mugshot to DailyBooth–which he then feeds to his Twitter stream. In fact, so strange/funny/bizarre/scary are Matt’s expressions, that I asked him to provide one for a caption contest.

Here it is:

So, if you’re up for winning a $25 iTunes gift card, simply provide a caption for the above photo. You can leave a comment below–or at Matt’s DailyBooth page. Either way, you have until 9pm ET today to provide a funny–and clean–caption. Matt will then pick his favorite as the winner.

Have fun!

WINNER: Matt has chosen Jeff Bennett as the winner. Thanks for playing!