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If you’re not familiar with, the best way to describe it is it’s like Twitter, but with snapshots of your face. Yeah I know, sounds lame, right?

Except that I can help but laugh out loud every time Dream Systems Media owner Matt Siltala posts his latest mugshot to DailyBooth–which he then feeds to his Twitter stream. In fact, so strange/funny/bizarre/scary are Matt’s expressions, that I asked him to provide one for a caption contest.

Here it is:

So, if you’re up for winning a $25 iTunes gift card, simply provide a caption for the above photo. You can leave a comment below–or at Matt’s DailyBooth page. Either way, you have until 9pm ET today to provide a funny–and clean–caption. Matt will then pick his favorite as the winner.

Have fun!

WINNER: Matt has chosen Jeff Bennett as the winner. Thanks for playing!

  • Riles

    Oh my God the calls are coming from inside the internet!

    • Jeff Bennett

      That is perfect. Done in one.

  • Scott Cowley

    “Whoa! 30 percent of $15.8 million? I’m gonna jump on this before Mr. Butulesi asks someone else.”
    .-= Scott Cowley´s last blog ..How To Convert Google SideWiki Comments To An RSS Feed For Reputation Management =-.

  • Lydia

    Wow! Haven’t seen that in a while! … It’s gonna be quite a day.

  • Andy Beal

    Just for kicks: “OMG, OMG, Miley Cyrus’ new single is finally available on iTunes!”

  • Jim

    Exactly what is that on the end of my nose???

  • Anthony Glyadchenko

    Oh my God!!!! What happened to my tethering?!!!! (iPhone)

  • Matt Siltala

    Haha Andy, that one might have won if you were eligible for this contest! :-)

    Thanks guys for having fun with us on a Friday, these are awesome!
    .-= Matt Siltala´s last blog ..DailyBooth Contest With My Friends Over At Marketing Pilgrim =-.

    • Andy Beal

      Yeah, couldn’t resist! 😉

  • Sherwin

    Oh Crap… the chick at Harrah’s thought I was Ben Roethlisberger!

    • Andy Beal

      Somehow I don’t think Matt would be upset by that. :-)

      • Matt Siltala

        uhhh, yea – I’d take his salary any day!!! Just still mad at the Steelers for beating my Cards …. I mean you guys got like a butt load of freaking championships … you couldn’t let us have … just this one??? freak ….. LOL
        .-= Matt Siltala´s last blog ..DailyBooth Contest With My Friends Over At Marketing Pilgrim =-.

  • Neil

    Puny earthlings! Bow before your gigantic overlord!

  • Jeff Bennett

    So THAT’s what a vagina looks like!

    • Andy Beal

      You do realize that Matt is a BIG dude right? 😉 You’re a brave man!

  • Nate Moller

    “Look at the size of those… ”
    .-= Nate Moller´s last blog’s Darren Rowse on How to Use Social Media =-.

  • Jeff Schroeffel

    NO! What do you mean my home page has a gray bar?

  • Susan (ilikephysics)

    OMG! I still haven’t gotten the fail whale once on twitter today!

  • Shell Harris

    Oh no! I lost a friend on Facebook!
    .-= Shell Harris´s last blog ..SEO as Part of Your Brand Strategy =-.

  • TOONrefugee

    I thought you said TAP dance!
    .-= TOONrefugee´s last blog ..St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission’s Kids Pages =-.

  • thashow

    OMG~ It’s like a baby’s arm holding an apple

  • Make It Rain

    Wow, my old employer is being sued for water-boarding again!

    • Matt Siltala

      I wish I knew who this was so it would be even funnier! :-)
      .-= Matt Siltala´s last blog ..DailyBooth Contest With My Friends Over At Marketing Pilgrim =-.

      • Make It Rain

        That would be your old gila monster buddy. I’ll give you a hint –
        “Como es tus esposa…”

  • Ira J Cohen

    “Twitter is valued at HOW much??”

  • Anand Srinivasan did my pic get in there on his website!
    .-= Anand Srinivasan´s last blog ..Most Visited Gaming Websites in USA =-.

  • Michael

    Rosanne! Pull your panties back up!