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Search generalAccording to comScore the number of global searches in July of 2009 topped 100,000,000,000 (that’s 100 billion for the calculator crowd). The actual number is around 113,000,000,000 (ok, that’s 113 billion), which represents a hefty 415 increase over July searches from 2008. Considering that the US was in the middle of a pretty serious political battle last year which tends to ‘goose’ any Internet numbers a bit, that is pretty impressive. I guess having an economic meltdown and a healthcare reform fiasco can add to the desire for more information as well so screw that theory and let’s move on.

So let’s look at the numbers

comScore 7-09 Results JPEG Smaller

Microsoft saw a nice 41% increase from the year but remarkably so did Google. Considering the already large numbers that Google puts up their 58% increase is something to take notice of for sure. It almost seems like all of the attention that bing has brought to search may have benefited Google more than anyone else (thanks for the $100 million in advertising around your search decision engine, Microsoft!).

Also impressive is Facebook showing up as one of the largest search engines making it a true social / search hybrid of sorts (I wonder what kind of mileage Facebook gets on the highway?).

Last but not least, however, is the only sour note which was struck by AOL who showed a 2% decrease in a market where it appears that if you have a pulse you can put together a positive number (you draw your own conclusions on that one).

Any prognostications of what we can expect from the August numbers? Will bing see continued momentum or the farther we get from the launch will it start to slow down? Will Google hold on to its seemingly insurmountable lead? Will Yahoo still be called a search engine? Stay tuned for more “As the Search World Turns”.