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Whether you saw Google’s attempts to insert Chrome into Internet Explorer as genius or evil, both sides just upped the ante.

First Google. OK, technically Google didn’t thump it’s chest over these startling numbers…

  • IE7 using Chrome Frame is about 40 times faster at running through the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark test than IE7 alone.
  • IE8 using Chrome Frame is about 10 times faster at running through the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark test than IE8 alone.

But, Google employees were quick to help spread the word…

Jolly good! We can all inject Google’s Chrome into our IE then, can we? Safer than Botox injections, right?

Not so fast, my friend! A Microsoft spokesperson tells Ars Technica:

"Given the security issues with plugins in general and Google Chrome in particular, Google Chrome Frame running as a plugin has doubled the attach area for malware and malicious scripts. This is not a risk we would recommend our friends and families take."

Ouch! With Ars adding a picture of a Smith & Wesson–just for emphasis!

But, let’s be honest. Who’s going to run Chrome inside IE anyway? Not your regular internet user, that is for sure. It’s going to be geeks and web developers–wait, are they the same thing?–who probably know all about the risks involved when using experimental plugins anyway.

So, Pilgrims. What do you make of all this? Should Google even be messing with Internet Explorer?

  • Jack Miller

    In my personal experience and based on what I have read, I will stack up Google’s anti virus-spam record against Microsoft’s record anytime. Besides, once the public becomes aware of how stale the Microsoft browser became as a result of it’s monopoly power, they will choose the faster browser that has the better record of protection.
    .-= Jack Miller´s last blog ..Words of Wisdom — C.S. Lewis =-.

  • I switched a year ago to Firefox and it’s been much better from a security standpoint. However, the crashes I get with FF with multiple browsers open is a headache (still don’t like multiple tabs). I have been thinking long and hard about Chrome but now I think I’ll stay with FF.

  • I changed about 2004 from IE to Firefox and still use it. But Chrome is a very attractive alternative browser, especially for netbooks. Just the missing support of Xmarks an some other addons known for other browsers stop me from switching to Chrome.
    .-= Berlin Fachmann´s last blog ..Entwicklung eines B2C-Shops für PKW-Ersatzteile =-.

  • Excelent!

  • chris

    All microsoft is saying that you’re now running two web browsers, so that’s doubled the amount of code that could be exploited – not that chrome is unsafe.

  • Adrian

    I’m trying chrome and finding out that my websites are coming up as Bad sites with malware, I’ve fixed them several times and it keeps happening. I go back to IE 7 or 8 and they work fine, no malware notices to my visitors…Google does not respond well, i’m already getting fed up with it, and it’s only been a week with CHROME!

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