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google-logo1Continuing to make sure that everyone knows that whatever Google does in the online world is for the greater good, the company has announced its DoubleClick Ad Exchange on the Official Google Blog. Neal Mohan, Vice President of Product Management posts the explanation of how Google is going to make the online advertising world better for everyone (how neighborly of them ;-)) and in the process continue to make the world a better place to live and do business.

The post gives a significant run-up to the overview of the new service. By likening the current display ad inventory situation to having planes flying with a lot of empty seats (I used to love that! I’ll take those three seats for sprawl any day) Mohan makes sure we know that the space is crying for a service like the Double Click Ad Exchange. Here’s the gist of it

We believe that a better system built on better technology can help grow the display advertising pie and benefit everyone.

Three principles underpin our approach to the display advertising field:

1. Simplify the system for buying and selling display ads: For example, our DoubleClick ad serving products help advertisers and publishers manage campaigns and ad formats across thousands of websites and from thousands of advertisers.

2. Deliver better performance that advertisers and agencies can measure: We’re building a host of new features to help advertisers to run display ad campaigns across the Google Content Network (comprising hundreds of thousands of AdSense partner sites) and on YouTube. We’re also developing better measurement and reporting technology so they can figure out what’s working and what’s not.

3. Open up the ecosystem: We want to democratize access to display advertising and make it accessible and open, like search advertising. We recently launched the Display Ad Builder to help businesses easily set up and run display ad campaigns. 80% of advertisers who use that product have never run a display ad campaign before.

AdWords and AdSense advertisers will be able to access the exchange through their existing interfaces so this transition will be as seamless as possible and fully leverage the existing network of advertisers that Google has right out of the gate. Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, has always contended that as the search market’s growth has slowed that some of the best prospects for expansion lie in this market.

If you would like to see some more info from the source then the Double Click blog will give you more official insights. In addition the New York Times and paidContent all have posted their takes on this development.

Of course the bottom line is that Google’s reach is continuing to grow and that can either be a source of great concern for some and celebration for others. Either way it sure looks like it’s not stopping any time soon.

  • Do I sense a hint of sarcasm?
    .-= Mike´s last blog ..Weight Loss Postcard =-.

  • @Mike – With me there is always some as it relates to Google’s spread across all things digital. In all likelihood this will end up being a good thing for more people but the while “Google makes the world a better place” undertone in all of their stuff can be a little annoying for sure (at least to me) 😉

    That being said, no one does more things better than they do and I use A LOT of their services so maybe I’ll be nicer from now on or have more coffee before I write!
    .-= Frank Reed´s last blog ..Why Sales vs. Marketing? =-.

  • Why does this sound like Google has figured out a way to charge people to belong to a web ring where thay get a cut …
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  • Can

    It is my first time @ this blog and I really enjoyed your articles, great work 🙂

  • Quite frankly, I’m surprised Google hasn’t done this much earlier… with all the technology they have at their disposal. Man, sometimes I drool over the thought of all that data Google has access to.
    .-= Paul Hancox, copySnips´s last blog ..Why Writing Headlines For Search Engines Like Google Will Get You More Readers =-.

  • Google is a good advertising. From Google’s point of view, everyone should be happy to see its AdWords and AdSense text ad auction system brought to the display ad market via the new DoubleClick Ad Exchange.
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  • It’s great to know what interests people online and what they spend their time doing.
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  • Google has created a very effective platform for advertisers, in this aspect, it has already led other search engines. It still keeps going ahead, this is why its rivals hardly beat it in the field.

  • hi Frank,
    Google is a marketing giant… thankfully they are a “friendly” giant that “does no evil”… 🙂 Seriously, google is amazing and I have no beef with them… I use them every day. But I also recognize how powerful they are.
    I like the analogy between having “empty ad spots” and flying a plane with “empty seat”. Nice post!
    Steve, aka mr displays