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As a blogger who enjoys nothing better than nomming on delicious industry statistics, Google just served up a feast–and didn’t tell anyone.

Fortunately, RWW was kind enough to share news that Google UK has quietly rolled out Google Internet Stats for public consumption. Basically, it’s another of Google’s “structured search” efforts, this time taking stats and studies from around the web, and making them available from a single tool.

Et voila!

Screen shot 2009-09-10 at 10.04.26 AM

Now, this is not a perfect offering. First, it’s decidedly UK-centric–but that’s not a huge flaw in the border-less online world of data. Second, it’s either limited in data sources, or the search box is somewhat erratic. A search for data on “reputation” or “sentiment” turned up zero results–actually a blank page, so I don’t know if there’s just no data, or my search didn’t work.

But, this is potentially huge! If Google could make this a bona fide “labs” project, add more country-specific data, and fix the search box, this could be my favorite app of 2009! Seriously!

  • Right. And I’m the geek for being excited about RSSCloud. :p
    .-= Lisa Barone´s last blog ..What Is Social Media? =-.

  • Andy-

    Thanks for highlighting this. I would imagine that it would incorporate something to reflect the reliability of the source, either with user ratings (5 starts, etc.), or some governing body on stats, no?

    Great find.
    .-= Travis Campbell´s last blog ..Review of The Twitter Method from Tom Deeter and Jack Humphrey =-.

  • @Lisa – you’re just a geek, whether you liked RSSCloud or not! 😛

  • Maybe in your next post you can write about google wave, which going to be launch in the end of this September. Thanks a lot.
    .-= Andreas Bambang´s last blog ..Friends Blooper =-.

  • apologies Andy but im in need of some advice! As google is keen on fresh content,would a news widget from BBC or CNN bring in that fresh content that google is always looking for?Thanks in advance

    kind regards
    .-= kamaljit bassi´s last blog .. =-.

  • How do you hear of this stuff? I am actually excited over it as it will be a great tool in our market research, even for the time being the UK audience.

    .-= Megan Vaillancourt´s last blog ..What An Online Business Mentor Is For? =-.

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  • This is great Andy! I definitely agree with you. This could turn into one of my favorites. They do have some bugs to fix however. Where was this when I was in college?! I could have cranked out my report papers in no time! Do you believe this will become a legitimate resource in the near future, Andy?

    Joel Gross